The Segway has become part of the lives of the locals. in warm weather, on streets and in parks You will often find adults and children driving these devices. In the article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a children’s gyro scooter. Provides helpful tips for selecting and reviewing popular models.


Advantages & Disadvantages
Many children dream of receiving a gyro scooter as a gift for their birthday or other holiday, which is not surprising, because this device has many advantages. First of all, it should be noted the incredible pleasure that girls and boys get while riding. such an interesting unit He instantly attracted the attention of others. Especially a Segway buddy would be a great acquisition for an insecure kid. It will give them courage and attract new acquaintances, a game in which they will soon develop friendships.
Using this device, children develop their vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements. Segways allow children to spend more time walking. Instead of sitting in front of a computer or tablet Family walks in the park can last more than an hour. Because even a 5-6 year old child can happily control the device and walk on the streets.

How to choose?
When buying a gyro scooter for a child from 5 years old, it is advisable to focus on some details that will help you make the right decision. First of all, you should pay attention to the size. It is best to use products with wheels with a diameter of 5-9 inches and a load of 20-75 kg for children. Learning is faster and easier on smaller devices.
hoverboards for kids have the ability to synchronize with the phone. which is important for parents Because it will be able to remotely control the device and control the ride. Many manufacturers have their own applications that help multitask:

Has the ability to open and close the Segway independently.
Displays faults and identifies breakdowns, which prevents problems on the go and makes it easier for mechanics to work with.
Determine the speed of travel, which is important for parents who play a little extreme sport.
check current power Control panel signal level and temperature
Makes it possible to set a speed limiter.
Pay attention to the presence of a bright diode backlight. It not only makes the product look more interesting and original. but also ensures safety during evening travel.

For active children It is recommended to purchase models made of special shockproof plastic. This increases the lifespan of your device and protects it from dirt and small stones. The key point is the ability to withstand at least IP66 dust and moisture to increase the lifespan of the device. It is recommended to purchase a silicone case which will protect against chips and scratches.

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5
Small 6.5-inch wheels are suitable for children up to 7 years old. The maximum permissible weight is 120 kg. The device develops a maximum speed of 17 km / h and protects the engine and its internal elements from dust and dirt. Inside there is a lithium-ion battery installed. This allows you to use the Segway continuously for 2 hours. The built-in lights are responsible for safety when riding in the dark.
The Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 has a built-in speaker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The product comes with a universal charger. which is a special case for transportation and storage And there are also applications for smartphones. which allows you to track the location of the device. The price of this hoverboard is 9800 rubles.
Hoverboard A-3 Light

The maximum allowable load in this case is 100 kg. The hoverboard accelerates to 10 km / h, which is suitable for small children. Bright diode illumination will allow you to protect your children and those around you in the evening. A specially designed smart charger extends battery life, which can last up to 2 hours without stopping.
The wheels are fitted with soft molded rubber. which cushions bumps in the road and provides a comfortable ride. A built-in self-balancing function automatically positions the product in the correct position. The set includes transport case universal charger The price of the model is 10,000 rubles.
At first, these devices were just trial versions and cost a lot of money. The first company to start mass production was called – Segway. She helped spread these devices throughout America and Europe. in these countries Police officers and pizza deliveries are still actively using the Segway.

over time Sensor Accuracy and Processor Speed (Reading data from the sensor) has increased significantly. This made it possible to increase the sensitivity of the Segway and separate the steering components from it.
Despite a number of indisputable advantages, Segways have serious drawbacks, which is the reason for the weak distribution of such electric cars.

Compactness and low mobility A standard hoverboard can also be used as a mobile vehicle – a lightweight version and not a particularly heavy one. after use or when the battery is exhausted Can be put in a box or a carrier and easily moved to a new place In the case of Segway Everything is very complicated because there is a handle. which can be removed from any vehicle
High price. To purchase a high-quality, powerful and fast Segway model, you will have to allocate a lot of money. The most affordable models of electric cars today cost at least 300-350 dollars. You should understand that the cheapest option will never have better handling and power than the classic hoverboards without a rudder.
Weight . The electric vehicle therefore weighs more than a classic hoverboard. This also affects the compactness of the Segway and makes it difficult for children to use the model.

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