Today, alternative electric vehicles in the form of gyro scooters and Segways are increasingly replacing classic cars. The latest technology with the help of such devices can serve. Relatively high movement speed 100% control of movement, as well as complete safety in use. In this material, you will get acquainted with electric vehicles such as gyro-scooter with handles – with their pros and cons, as well as the features of their operation.
History of Creation


The first Segway cars appeared in the 90s of the 20th century and were practical. Based on a gyroscopic sensor that determines and fixes the position of certain surfaces relative to the ground. All gyro scooters with handles today work on approximately the same principle. However, the accuracy of modern sensors is much higher.

Initially, engineers started building alternative vehicles without any manipulation. But the data exchange rate between the processor, hoverboard, and sensors is too slow to quickly orient the Segway. to speed up these processes. A Segway with a steering wheel or “rod” was developed, which made it possible to directly influence the direction of movement of the device and at the same time protect a person from falls.

Advantages & Disadvantages
Today, Segway cannot be called the undisputed leader in the alternative transport market. As a rule, on uk roads You’ll find just the classic hoverboard. Which is mostly used by young people or young children. meanwhile Segways have a number of features that elevate them above other vehicles. significantly

So what are the advantages or advantages of hoverboards with handles?

Improve handling and agility An additional handle or steering wheel allows you to control the movement of the Segway 100%, sensors responsible for measuring the position of the platform, thanks to which the position of the steering wheel and its command Quickly determine the set direction. This, in turn, allows you to maximize the maneuverability of such vehicles.
Versatility. High-quality Segway models are equipped with an adjustable steering wheel. which can be adapted to people of significantly different heights This versatility makes this model suitable for both children and adults. (in case the total weight category of all family members does not exceed the weight limits of a particular model)
Multi-function … The new Segway can be equipped with additional functions and devices that operate directly from the owner’s smartphone – via Bluetooth or external communication. Special application for your phone’s operating system. which can change some functions of Segway
Speed … A high-quality and expensive gyro scooter with handles not only But it combines only driving reliability. For example, some mini-segways can accelerate to 25 km / h, which greatly exceeds the maximum performance of most classic gyro scooters.
Educational … Hoverboards with handles are ideal for teaching young children to ride. If for learning to ride on a standard gyros coaster You need to feel the minimum balance and control the pivot point. Then on the Segway The steering wheel performs all these steps for a person.

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