Scroll through some art using the teensnow winners of our Coming of Age in 2022 contest, then inform us how well it captures your experiences.


If someone has been to invite you to what it’s want to be a youngster now, what might you tell them?

What does your everyday life appear to be? What moments or reports represent coming-of-age nowadays? How have the activities of the arena — whether or not regionally, nationally, or globally — affected you and your friends? How do you think these activities will retain to shape you into adulthood?

What makes your technology unique from people who have come earlier than it?

The Learning Network requested young human beings to mirror those questions and more in our Coming of Age in 2022 Contest, an assignment that invited teenagers to expose us through pics — pix, screenshots, cartoons, collages, artwork, illustrations, pix, and other visible works — what it’s want to be a youngster now.

On Wednesday, we posted the winners of that contest. Here are some of them, along with excerpts from the artist statements that students submitted, to assist in supplying more context to their entries. Make positive to scroll thru the whole collection before you solve our questions.

“But I’m Still Trying My Best” by Allyson Kim, sixteen (photo on the pinnacle of this submission)

Covid hit when I was in the remaining stretch of middle college, and virtual training lasted via my freshman 12 months. Being an introvert, I lived thankfully as a hermit for 12 months: my house became my warm, secure domestic, and everywhere else has become intimidating, risky, and risky. The start of my sophomore yr as some of the most challenging months of my life, where I was essentially relearning how to act around other human beings.

I made this quick stupid comedian voice my complaints in a lighthearted and hopefully relatable manner. I started high school in my junior 12 months. It’s like I’ve woken up from a dream, and teensnow all I can do is attempt my fine.

“Ring” using Shashank Salgam, 17

This is me anticipating a pal to select up the telephone. I value human connection more than I did before the pandemic, and I make it a principle in my habits. A simple phone name may be the bridge between worlds.

The isolation of quarantine has struck my peers and me, but we’re rebounding with a resolve to attach beyond limitations.

“Class of 2022” via Chloe Shannon Wong, 16

My brother’s excessive faculty class made history on a muggy June night. With the whole primary school year 2019 coming to a near, preserving this sort of significant graduation rite (albeit with masks) spoke to our network’s healing from Covid and the resilience of the youth who’d persevered it.

As the student photographer protecting the occasion, I approached this momentous event with a specific imaginative and prescient: a portrait of stiff-lipped, directly-subsidized young adults emerging from an endemic that marred their formative years, cautious of the unpredictable global they have been coming into, yet eager to discover and enhance it.

As the foremost declared to proud parental applause that the elegance of 2022 changed into destined for greatness, I turned my lens to the graduating seniors. To my unhappiness, best my brother regarded up only after I shouted at him. The different youngsters should have paid more attention to the speech, the ceremony, or the general pomp and circumstance. Instead, almost all have been slumped in their chairs, eyes glued to their telephones — tweeting, texting, doom-scrolling, and meme-sharing.

“We Are Watching” by way of Gigi Greene, 15

In my digital drawing, I desired to play with the imagery of a crowd filming something because, for my friends, that’s an element we do loads. Is something taking place? Anything? Pull out a smartphone. It also occurs at concerts or different stay amusement — spectacles, much like American politics. During the pandemic, teenagers learned that politics affect their lives for the first time. Even even though our voices aren’t always heard, we are watching.

“Hurricane Break” by way of Kolbe Madden, 16

Over the past years, I have become more aware of the reality of world warming because I have seen its outcomes on nature. But once I try and have actual conversations with children my age about weather trade, it generally makes them experience uncomfortable.

I sometimes worry about my destiny because I realize alternate wishes to manifest. Still, it is hard to feel confident when many people in my generation stay in denial. Although I want to revel in my teenage years, I can’t help but worry if absolutely everyone I know chooses to disregard the caution symptoms.

Students, scroll via the entire series, then inform us:

· Which pieces are maximum interesting to you? Most sudden? Why?

· Which pics do you relate to? Which reflect your personal experiences or feelings of being a youngster today? Which displays something new?

· What subject matters, words, snapshots, and ideas appear to return repeatedly? Taken together, what does the collection say approximately teensnow are preferred? How have the activities of the beyond few years affected your era? How do you think they may preserve to form you in the future years?

· What’s missing from this collection? What additional reports have you ever, or others you know, had that would be added to make this portrait of Generation Z extra complete? What views do you have to share?

· If you had submitted to this contest, what aspect of teenage life might you have documented? Why?

· How does the story those teens have told approximately their technology compare with the tales about teensnow you frequently hear from the information media or adults? What do you observe that older generations should realize — and need to get right — approximately what it’s like to be a teensnow?

Students thirteen and older inside the United States and Britain, and sixteen and older someplace else, are invited to comment. The Learning Network staff moderates all feedback, but please remember that once your remark is common, it will be made public and might seem in print.


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