Things you should know about an off-campus student 
Things you should know about an off-campus student 

Movie marathons, staying up all night studying, and cooking with friends all contribute to your experience. University life extends beyond classes and encompasses everything from the friendships you form to the sense of home you create.


When you are in your college, your Student accommodation Aberdeen becomes the place to study or escape. It is essential to feel comfortable in the space you choose to live in. 

Students can choose to live on campus in the first few years of university, but this is not always an option. Some of the universities may not offer you on-campus residences, but off-campus student housing can be the only option. Many people prefer off-campus student housing as it can be affordable and less restrictive than on-campus housing. There is a lot more freedom when you live off-campus. But as this is the first time you are living away from home, knowing what to expect can be a little challenging. In this blog, we have put together a list of things you should keep in mind when thinking of off-campus student housing options.

6 Things you Must Know about Student Accommodation Aberdeen

  1. Getting involved is easy:you can make friends with similar interests by actively participating in campus clubs. Engaging in clubs and committees not only fills your time between classes when going home is not an option but also provides enjoyable experiences.

2) Get to know your campus: Given that you do not live there, you might not know about your campus as well as you should. You can easily get to know it. You can easily make friends. Your school is your home away from home, so you can explore it with ease. Find out some of the best places to study or eat lunch. Know where the bathrooms are or where the security campus is put. Keep in mind that every city is different, so take the time to learn its by-laws and also know your overall surroundings. As you are not staying inside the campus, you should explore different nooks and crannies. You should spend a lot of time over here to understand. 

3) Proximity to college: College is likely to take up most of your time, so many students select to be as close to their university as possible. There are often apartment complexes near the universities almost occupied by students. For instance, you will find a few accommodations which are 5 minutes away from your university and are wholly occupied by the students. When you are surrounded by students, you can make settling into a new environment a little easier. This kind of off-campus student housing is the quickest to sell out. So, it is one of the best to secure your spot as soon as possible. 

4) Select a safe neighborhood: Before you select a neighborhood, you can research a few of the areas within the area and check their crime score. The smaller towns are generally safer. Here the crime rates can be less as compared to the metropolitan cities. You can Google the crime rate in this area and stay updated. Always look for safe student accommodation Aberdeen. 

5) Amenities and utilities: 

In some instances, off-campus student housing properties offer a wide range of facilities, which greatly benefit the residents. If having an on-site gym or fitness center is important to you, seek out properties that explicitly mention these amenities on their website. Another crucial feature to consider is the availability of an on-site laundry facility. Apartment complexes typically provide a laundry room on each floor or in the basement of the building. Some even offer a washer and dryer unit in each apartment. Additionally, you may come across amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, cinema rooms, and more.

Utilities, including electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, and hot water, are essential considerations. Some off-campus housing options include the cost of utilities within the rent, simplifying the monthly bill payment process.

6) Contracts and Lease
When renting off-campus accommodation, you typically have to sign a tenancy agreement. Take the time to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in the contract before signing. Contracts can vary in length, ranging from a few months to a year or more. Ensure that you are aware of the notice period required for terminating the lease and any applicable additional fees.

7) Conclusion:

Finding the right off-campus student accommodation in Aberdeen is an important decision that can greatly impact your university experience. By considering factors such as location, type of accommodation, costs, contracts, facilities, transportation, and safety, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your needs and preferences. Remember to start your search early, thoroughly research your options, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from university


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