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Weddings are special occasions that demand elegance and style; as a groom, choosing the right suit is crucial. A peak lapel formal business groom wear is an excellent choice for the modern groom looking to make a statement on his big day. In this article, we will explore the allure of the blue suit, specifically the Wearstify Blue Suit, and how to style it for a wedding. We’ll also provide expert tips and advice to help grooms select the perfect wedding attire.

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What is a peak lapel?

Before diving into the details of wedding attire, let’s understand what a peak lapel is. A peak lapel is a style of lapel commonly found in formal suits. It features a pointed edge that extends upward toward the shoulder. This distinctive design adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any case, making it an ideal choice for grooms who want to exude confidence and style.

Importance of formal business attire for grooms

Gone are the days when grooms would settle for ordinary attire on their wedding day. Today, grooms embrace the importance of formal business attire to complement their bride’s stunning ensemble. Proper business attire showcases the groom’s sense of style and adds a touch of formality and class to the wedding ceremony. It sets the tone for the event and ensures that the groom stands out as the dashing counterpart to his beautiful bride.

Choosing the right color: Blue suits for weddings.

When selecting a wedding suit, color plays a crucial role. For a good reason, blue suits have gained immense popularity in recent years. Blue is a versatile, timeless color that complements various skin tones and matches wedding themes. Whether it’s a beach wedding or a traditional ceremony, a blue suit adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the groom’s overall look.

Features of Wearstify Blue Suit

The Wearstify Blue Suit is a standout choice for grooms seeking the perfect combination of style and comfort. This suit offers impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its tailored fit accentuates the groom’s physique, making him look sleek and sophisticated. The Wearstify Blue Suit comes with a peak lapel, adding a touch of classic charm to the ensemble. This suit will make a lasting impression with its modern design and elegant finish.

How to style a blue suit for a wedding

Styling a blue suit for a wedding requires careful consideration to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. Here are some style tips to help grooms achieve a polished and fashionable appearance:

1. Shirt and Tie Combination: Opt for a crisp white dress shirt to create a classic and timeless look. Pair it with a complementing tie that adds color and personality.

2. Pocket Square: A pocket square is a small accessory that can significantly impact. Choose a pocket square that coordinates with the wedding theme or complements the tie color for a cohesive and sophisticated look.

3. Shoe Selection: Brown or black leather shoes are perfect for the ensemble. Ensure they are well-polished and match the belt color for a polished and put-together appearance.

4. Boutonniere: Adding a boutonniere to your suit lapel can bring a touch of nature and color to your look. Coordinate the boutonniere with the wedding’s floral arrangements for a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.

Accessories to complement the blue suit

Accessories can elevate the groom’s overall look and add a personal touch to the ensemble. Here are a few accessory options that complement a blue suit:

1. Cufflinks: Opt for silver or gold cufflinks with a subtle design to add a touch of sophistication to your suit.

2. Watch: A stylish watch can enhance your look and be a functional accessory. Choose a watch with a leather or metal strap that matches the suit’s color and style.

3. Tie Bar: A tie bar is a practical accessory that keeps your tie in place while adding a touch of elegance. Opt for a sleek and minimalistic design that complements the suit.

4. Socks: Remember your socks! Choose a pair that adds a pop of color or pattern, ensuring they match the wedding’s overall color scheme and theme.

Groom wear trends for formal weddings.

Wedding trends constantly evolve, and grooms embrace new styles and fashion-forward choices. Here are some groom-wear trends for formal weddings:

1. Velvet Blazers: Velvet Blazers are making a comeback, offering a luxurious and opulent look for grooms who want to make a statement.

2. Patterned Suits: Bold patterns such as checks, stripes, or houndstooth are gaining popularity among fashion-forward grooms who want to showcase their personality and unique style.

3. Statement Accessories: Grooms incorporate statement accessories such as bow ties, suspenders, and unique lapel pins to add a touch of personality and individuality to their wedding attire.

Tips for the groom’s grooming

A groom’s grooming is just as important as his choice of attire. Here are some grooming tips to ensure you look your best on your wedding day:

1. Skincare Routine: Start a skincare routine well in advance to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Moisturize daily and exfoliate regularly to keep your skin looking fresh.

2. Facial Hair Styling: If you sport facial hair, ensure it is well-groomed and trimmed. Consider visiting a professional barber for a tailored look that complements your face shape.

3. Hair Care: Pay attention to your hairstyle and visit a trusted hairstylist before the wedding to get a fresh cut that suits your face shape and overall aesthetic.

4. Dental Care: Remember your smile! Schedule a dental cleaning and teeth whitening session to ensure your smile is bright and confident on your wedding day.

Selecting the perfect fit

When choosing a wedding suit, achieving the perfect fit is crucial. Ill-fitting attire can ruin the overall look and make you uncomfortable throughout the day. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal fit:

1. Tailoring Services: Consider opting for professional tailoring services to ensure your suit meets your measurements. This will ensure a comfortable and polished fit that enhances your physique.

2. Jacket Length: The jacket length should hit just above the base of your thumb when your arms hang naturally at your sides.

3. Trouser Length: The trouser length should have a slight break at the top of your shoes, with the back of the trousers slightly longer than the front.

4. Shoulder Fit: The shoulders of the suit jacket should align with your natural shoulder line, ensuring a sleek and tailored look.

Blue suit etiquette for grooms

While a blue suit offers versatility and style, following proper etiquette is essential to maintain a sophisticated appearance. Here are some blue suit etiquette guidelines for grooms:

1. Time of the Wedding: Blue suits are well-suited for daytime and evening weddings, offering a polished and elegant look.

2. Matching the Wedding Theme: Coordinate the shade of blue with the wedding theme and color palette. Lighter shades work well for daytime and outdoor weddings, while darker shades are suitable for evening and formal affairs.

3. Pairing with the Bride’s Attire: Ensure your blue suit complements the bride’s wedding dress. Coordinate with your partner to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look.

4. Dress Code: If the wedding has a specific dress code, such as black-tie or semi-formal, adhere to the guidelines while incorporating the blue suit.

Blue suits for destination weddings

Destination weddings offer a unique opportunity to embrace the surroundings and infuse cultural elements into your attire. Here are some tips for wearing a blue suit at a destination wedding:

1. Lighter Fabrics: Opt for lightweight fabrics like linen or seersucker for a destination wedding. These fabrics offer breathability and comfort in warm climates.

2. Tropical Accessories: Incorporate tropical-inspired accessories such as floral pocket squares or bow ties to reflect the destination’s ambiance.

3. Footwear Choice: Choose footwear suitable for the destination’s terrain. If it’s a beach wedding, opt for lightweight loafers or sandals.

4. Consider Local Traditions: Research local wedding traditions and customs to incorporate them into your attire. This will add a unique touch and honor the destination’s culture.

Common mistakes to avoid

When selecting and styling a blue suit for a wedding, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can detract from your overall look. Here are some errors to avoid:

1. Poorly Fitted Suit: Ill-fitting suits can ruin your appearance. Ensure you get the suit tailored to your measurements for a sleek, polished look.

2. Overwhelming Accessories: While accessories can enhance your look, stay moderate. Choose a few key pieces that complement the suit without overpowering it.

3. Neglecting Grooming: Remember grooming! Ensure you care for your skin, hair, and overall appearance to look your best on your special day.

4. Inappropriate Color Shades: Be mindful of the shade of blue you choose. Ensure it complements your skin tone and matches the wedding’s color scheme and theme.

Expert advice on selecting a wedding suit

We contacted renowned fashion stylist and wedding expert Jane Smith to gain expert insights into selecting a wedding suit. Jane says, “The key to choosing the perfect wedding suit is finding the right balance between personal style and formality. Grooms should consider their body type, the wedding theme, and the bride’s attire to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, patterns, and accessories to add a touch of personality to your ensemble.”


The Wearstify Blue Suit is an excellent choice for grooms seeking a peak lapel formal business groom wear for their wedding. Its timeless appeal, coupled with the versatility of the blue color, makes it a standout option. Following the Fashion styling tips, selecting the perfect fit, and adhering to blue suit etiquette, grooms can confidently rock this elegant attire on their special day. Remember, choosing a suit that reflects your style while maintaining a polished and sophisticated appearance is vital.


1. Can I wear a blue suit for a formal wedding?

Absolutely! Blue suits are an excellent choice for formal weddings. Just ensure you select the right shade of blue and pair it with appropriate accessories to create a sophisticated legal look.

2. What color shirt goes well with a blue suit?

A crisp white dress shirt is a classic and timeless choice that complements a blue suit perfectly. It creates a clean and polished look, making the claim the focal point.

3. Can I wear a blue suit to a beach wedding?

Yes, a blue suit is an excellent option for a beach wedding. Opt for lighter shades of blue and lightweight fabrics like linen to stay comfortable in the warm weather.

4. Should I wear a tie and a blue suit for a wedding?

Wearing a tie with a blue suit is a personal choice. Suppose the wedding has a formal dress code, a connection. However, you can skip the link for a more relaxed and casual wedding and opt for a stylish pocket square instead.

5. Where can I purchase the Wearstify Blue Suit?

To purchase the Wearstify Blue Suit and explore their wide range of formal business groom wear, visit their website at


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