We all are well aware of how prestigious the CA exams are and the lucrative compensation it provides. However, clearing the exams may not seem simple. There are three levels with many subjects. Each level subject needs equal attention and effort. Once you’ve passed the first level of CA Exams, it is now time to focus on CA Intermediate preparation. The CA inter-exams have two groups and you have to decide which group you want to clear.


Each level in this exam series can be challenging. But scoring well is achievable through proper guidance and practice. With CA Intermediate exams right around the corner and students having trouble managing their schedules properly, here’s an article with tips that may help!

Here, VSI Jaipur brings some practical and actionable CA inter-preparation tips which have proven successful for many of our CA inter-students. Also, we are sure that these tips can help you clear the exams in the first attempt. So students, gear up, and note these essential tips to ace your CA inter result.

Important CA Inter Exams Tips To Clear The Exams

1. Create a Study Plan for CA Inter Exams

Students tend to focus their study efforts only on one area or theoretical component of CA Intermediate exams. We are well aware of this fact. However, for better preparation, it is essential that all topics and sections must receive equal attention during exam preparation. So to this, you must divide time evenly among all of them. You have eight subjects to covers and the syllabus is vast. Hence, each minute of your preparation period matters.

Hence, design a timetable that involves 12-14 hours/day of studying. If not, at least try to add 10-12 hours/day to study.

If not, you won’t be able to cover the entire syllabus. Hence, this will ultimately lead to scoring poorly in the exam. Hence, we strongly advise students to make a well-thought timetable. Also, they should be able to follow that timetable.

You can keep the theory papers for early morning hours and then practical subjects for the rest of the day.

Create a well-thought CA Inter group 1 study plan and CA Inter group 2 study plan.

2. Keep Revision in Mind:

Don’t underestimate the power of revision during your CA inter exams! However, before you start the revision, make sure your syllabus is completed. Then, you can begin revising on time. This ensures that you have concepts in your mind and then you can figure out what subjects or areas need more attention.

Make sure to revise at least three times prior to exams; more is better!

Students often become overconfident after just revising once. So it is therefore vital that they should revise as many times as possible. This will help to correct mistakes, remember all concepts, formulae, laws or sections and maintain confidence when sitting for the main examinations.

3. Good Coaching and Self-study is Must to Pass CA Inter Exams

The CA intermediate exam syllabus is vast and clearing the CA inter exams without any coaching can be difficult for students full stop hence it is very important to choose the right CA inter coaching that will help to clear them both the groups if there is no good coaching in the area they can also choose to go for CA online classes. VSI Jaipur offers both online and offline classes that offer exam-oriented lectures and other essential Strategies for clearing the CA inter exams. So this includes personalized guidance, mock tests, doubt-clearing sessions, etc.

Apart from coaching, it is also important to allocate sufficient time for self-studying. Self-studying helps you remember all the important things, practice mock papers, and find out the problem areas. Without self-study, it is impossible to clear the exams with a good coaching.

When preparing for inter exams make sure to make ICAI study material an important part of your study material. Don’t just simply on any other reference book instead place of focus on ICAI study material

4. Solve Mock Test Papers to Pass CA Inter Exams

Another important part of your CA inter exams preparation is solving mock test papers. At VSI Jaipur we focus on mock test papers since we know that mock test papers can boost a student’s self-confidence. Also, students can get an idea about the questions they will be asked in the exam. they can get an idea about the question pattern. They can go through a variety of questions that have a strong preparation by the end of the preparation period.

Take mock test papers issued by ICAI or you can also solve previous year question papers of ICAI.

5. Learn Time Management

We often hear from our students that they were not able to complete the entire question paper because of a lack of time. But the exam is of 3 hours and students need to solve the CA Inter exams question within that given period.

No matter how much effort you put in, if you lack time management then your efforts go waste. To learn time management it is important it take as much as many mock test papers as possible. Hence, time management should be an important part of your CA Inter preparation strategy. 


So this is how you can prepare for CA inter exams. We hope that these preparation tips can help students prepare for their exams. For coaching, you can contact VSI Jaipur for both offline and online classes.

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