So you want to use Shopify to open an online store or website? As you build your store, you will notice that the Shopify themes store has both free and paid designs. A free theme is more than enough to get started, but a paid theme can help your online business in ways that you can’t ignore. In this post, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of having a paid Shopify theme, how to choose the right one, and whether they’re worth the money.


The good and bad of premium Shopify themes

The good things

Using paid Shopify themes gives you many benefits, such as more features and more ways to make your brand stand out. Some of these features are improved navigation, product filters, and zoom, all of which make the website better for users.

Premium themes also have better design, which makes your website look and feel more professional. They are also better set up for watching on a phone or tablet. When you think about how the customer feels, this makes all the difference. Overall, paid Shopify themes offer a much better user experience than free ones. This can make a huge difference for your customers who use their phones to shop.

Premium vs free

As we’ve already said, free Shopify themes are good enough for most people, especially online businesses that are just getting started. Before switching to a paid Shopify theme, you can also try out a free one. The code for free themes is also much easier.

Free themes, on the other hand, aren’t as easy to change, and the design features they use are pretty standard. If you really want to change how your website works, you can get many of the features of a paid Shopify style with third-party plugins. Since these apps also cost money, it’s always better to have a paid theme. Most of the time, a paid theme will depend on how much you are willing to spend on it.

How do you decide which style is right for you?

As Shopify experts, we know how important it is to choose the right style for your online store. It’s an investment in your business, and it can also make a huge difference for your users. It can be hard to choose a paid theme when there are so many to choose from. You should think about the following:

Plan and design

The theme’s design and layout should match your business and its products. We’re not talking about the color or the way the words are written. Instead, we’re talking about places to put pictures and products. A good design and layout should make it easy to find your items and show them off.


You can think of the features of a premium theme as adding to the style and layout of your theme. Some things to look out for are the ability to sort products, search for them, and customize the checkout process. These features can make the user experience better, improve a customer’s trust in your brand, and make them less likely to leave their shopping carts. This doesn’t mean that you can’t build trust with a free theme, but when you’re selling goods of a certain type and price, a more polished experience can lead to higher conversion rates.


In the Shopify theme shop, you can rate and review most of the paid Shopify themes. This means that you can look at the reviews and see what kinds of shops used the theme. This lets you know right away when you look at other sites with the same theme. By comparing them, you can see how well those businesses are doing and how flexible the theme is. Remember that some reviews may be old and that the site may have changed its focus.


Make sure that the theme you choose comes with help and information about how to use it. This will help you deal with any problems you might have. This will also help you change the style to fit your needs.


There are many different prices for Shopify Premium themes. Along this price range, you can see which themes are worth the money and if something can be done with a cheaper theme. Shopify pros know the differences between these two different themes and can tell you if the more expensive theme is worth the extra money.

Getting the most out of your paid theme

Getting a paid theme for your Shopify site can open up a lot of benefits, and it’s only fair to take full advantage of them. Here are some ways you, too, can make the most of your Shopify site:

How to get the most out of your paid theme

Premium Shopify themes give you more ways to change your site’s colors, fonts, and layout, so take your time playing around with your site’s colors, fonts, and layout. You can make websites that are truly unique, and if you buy a paid theme, you have every right to expect a site that isn’t like any other.

Change the content delivery network and image sizes to make the site run faster. This will bring in more visitors who will stay on the site longer. You can also use SEO techniques, such as meta descriptions and titles with lots of keywords, to improve your search engine results.

Test your site on as many different devices as you can to see how it works with different screen sizes and how customers feel about it. Then, you can change interactions that are special to each device to give customers the best experience on all of them.


You will have to make a big decision for your online business when you choose the right Shopify theme. A free theme might be good for a business just getting started, but a paid theme has more features, better flexibility, good design, and a better look and feel. To choose the right premium theme, you should think about the style and layout, features, reviews, support, and price. Buying a paid theme can take your online business to the next level, but you need to tweak it and make it your own to get the most out of it. They are also great for making sure your online business is ready for the future. In the end, it’s up to you as a business owner to decide if you need a paid theme and how much you can spend on it. Experts on Shopify, like the ones at Creatively, can help you decide.

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