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Over 130 million people use Android exclusively in the United States, according to Statista. You should learn how to get started as an Android developer if you would like to reap the benefits from the steadily growing demand for Android-based smartphones. Also, You may relax knowing that you will have a wide range of job options available to you.


If you know where to begin, being an Android developer is a process as simple as a pie. Consider this as your comprehensive guide to landing the Android developer job you’ve always wanted. It includes all the information you require, from what it means to be an Android developer to the best tools for achieving your objective.

Are Android developers in demand?

The task of developing software for Android-powered smartphones and tablets falls to an Android developer. Due to the ecosystem’s complexity, an Android developer must pay great attention to the application’s compatibility with different Android versions and platforms. They must therefore be knowledgeable with the trends and conventions that surround a forum like this.

How to become an Android developer is a frequently addressed issue that crosses most people’s minds. The solution is straightforward. All you have to do is study the appropriate programming language and become familiar with the Android platform’s lifecycle. 

Since every business and company in today’s market has an Android app to provide to its customers with a wide range of services, Android developers are highly valued. If you’re a novice to this industry, you might give freelancing a shot to hone your skills. 

Multiple career alternatives can be explored by learning Android app development, including freelancing or employment with renowned companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The demand for Android developers is still high, and using online learning materials has made it much easier to master the language.

Why Android over Apple?

Here are some reasons why one might consider becoming an Android app developer:

Market share

Compared to Apple, Android holds a higher share of the market. Statista estimates that as of 2021, Android has a global market share of about 72% and iOS of over 27%. As a result, Android developers will have additional options to develop and market apps that will appeal to a wider audience.


Compared to Apple, Android gives more versatility. Considering Android is an open-source platform, developers can access the source code and make changes as necessary. This adaptability can assist developers in producing distinctive and ground-breaking apps that stand out in the marketplace.

Easy to get started

Compared to Apple, Android gives more versatility. Considering Android is an open-source platform, developers can access the source code and make changes as necessary. This adaptability can assist developers in producing distinctive and ground-breaking apps that stand out in the marketplace.


Unlike Apple’s high-priced gadgets, Android smartphones are accessible to a far wider audience since they are offered at a variety of pricing points. As a result, many consumers now have a more convenient and affordable alternative in Android.

Diverse range of devices

Android runs on a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Google. This means that developers can create apps that work across multiple devices and can reach a broader audience.

What Does an Android Developer Do?

Manage projects

Some Android developers also work as project managers, in which event they are responsible for managing every stage of an application’s development from inception to completion. They make sure that everything is created in accordance with the specifications and that the project is completed on time and within the allocated budget. 

Fixes bugs

Even after a software product has been publicly released, flaws can still exist. The goods are updated by Android developers, who then distribute the fixed versions to users. Finding potential vulnerabilities that lead to software problems or just issuing a security patch are both examples of possible bug fixes.

Writes android code

The job title makes this one implicit, therefore it is evident. You must have the ability to write clean code for the Android operating system if you want to become an Android developer. This could entail writing code for both internal apps and external ones.

Top five reasons to become an Android developer in 2023

  1. High-earning potential

Android developers are in greater demand, and therefore, their pay is rising. To capitalize on the popularity of mobile apps, businesses are eager to hire skilled Android developers and are willing to pay top price for their services. The average yearly wage in the United States for an Android developer is $92,000, according to Payscale. 

  1. Potential to go viral

Android applications have the potential to gain widespread popularity and attract millions of users. A single app has the potential to be a huge hit, bringing the developer with significant prominence and wealth through the correct marketing and features.

  1. Options to freelance

In order to have greater control over their work schedule and money, Android developers have the option to work as freelance contractors. An Android developer with a freelancing position has the opportunity to work on numerous projects and expand their skills.

  1. High demand

Small startups to established businesses are all looking to create mobile apps to reach their target audience, which has increased demand for Android developers. As the market for mobile apps grows, there will be a greater need for qualified developers.

  1. Promising job opportunities

Promising career prospects prevail for Android developers across a range of sectors, including healthcare, gaming, banking, and more. They are capable of working in a variety of positions, including product manager, software engineer, and mobile app developer, among others. 

Essential Android developer skills

  1. Android UI/UX Design Skills

Android developers need to be capable of creating functioning and interactive user interfaces. This implies that every Android software must adapt to contemporary design standards. Users are less likely to stick with an app whose interface they find unappealing.

  1. Programming skills

Learning to program in the appropriate languages is the most crucial stage in becoming an Android developer. Even though Java, JavaScript, C, and C++ are the most popular choices, knowing how to use any object-oriented programming languages can offer you an advantage in the employment market.

  1. Navigation Implementation Skills

Every app developed for the Android System by an Android developer must be able to incorporate effective navigation. Users can easily browse the material or application, thanks to this navigation. You should learn to build apps with an action bar to encourage better navigation.

How Much Time Does It Take to Become an Android Developer?

It can take as little as three months or as long as four years to become an Android developer. Everything is dependent on the direction you walk in. You can take classes in Android programming as part of a software development, mobile app development, or computer science curriculum, while universities might not offer degree programs in Android app development alone.

There are online colleges that provide expedited computer science degree programs that can be finished in two and a half years. Self-study and bootcamps are other quick ways to learn Android code development.

The Final Step

You are now aware of how to create for Android. Does the possibility of working as an Android developer appeal to you?

Nowadays, since most companies rely on android applications for better marketing, a career in providing android app development services can be very lucrative. After reading this article on how to become an Android developer, you must have gained a good understanding of what it takes to succeed as a developer. You can acquire the necessary skill sets to become a professional android developer with extensive training, practice, learning, and a well-designed course curriculum. 

Therefore, to become a skilled Android developer, learn the fundamentals of the platform, what it takes to become an Android developer, and how to create user-friendly, feature-rich Android apps.


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