Today, one of the most widespread latest fashions among people is certainly the hoverboard, the skateboard of the future which in a short time has conquered young and old alike, offering exciting travel experiences on two wheels .


Why have hoverboards become so popular in a short time, especially among teenagers? Let’s find out together.

It is a unique device of its kind in that everyone can use it without difficulty thanks to respectable features, which perfectly combine safety and fun in a winning combination that has truly conquered everyone.
Let’s take a closer look at what exactly a hoverboard.
For those unfamiliar with it and thinking of approaching this nice vehicle for the first time, it should be explain that it is essentially an electric and ecological two-wheeled scooter , with two motors and a self-balancing system , which is use as a means of transport to move in an agile and fluent way on the streets.

The hoverboard is ideal for going anywhere, to work, school, shopping or just for a ride, as it goes at a faster speed than a simple walk, but slower than a bicycle. In fact, it is not at all unusual to see more and more young people in our cities, but also adults and children, on board their hoverboards whizzing through the streets.

The aircraft move following the inclination of the pilot who has the sensation of gliding through the streets of the city.

By leaning your foot forward, the vehicle will pick up speed while by leaning it backwards it will brake, and to turn, you have to push your foot all the way down on the side where you want to go. The ideal posture to maintain for balance is with your legs straight and slightly apart. Operation is therefore very simple: everything lies in the correct management of the balance which will allow you to pilot the hoverboard, having fun in complete safety.

Once stability has been acquire, it will be as if the object became a sort of extension of our body. The hoverboard also adapts to almost all types of terrain allowing safe and stable driving and hardware and software are install inside it to interpret the commands of the person using it, to maintain balance and regulate its speed.

Even children now use it very easily, immediately identifying the right way to stay in balance, experiencing pleasant moments.

But how does the uk legislation regarding hoverboards work? Can I walk around freely? Here is the link to the current legislation regarding hoverboards .

Also much appreciated by parents as a gift for their children, the hoverboard has proved to be an excellent idea for stimulating children to spend their free time in the open air, moving around and playing with other children . Thus, this extraordinary and original vehicle proves to be a perfect, truly educational adventure companion for children as it allows them to spend time outdoors in a healthy way, engaging in physical activity and at the same time teaching them to know how to respect the rules of street.

That of hoverboards is a rapidly growing market and the number of users who buy these vehicles is increasing more and more. Precisely for this reason we have created a quick guide on Soloiltop that will allow you to compare the best hoverboard brands and models based on the various functions, features and aspects to help you choose the hoverboard that’s right for you and live unforgettable and fun experiences .

Why do people like hoverboards so much?

The hoverboard is an original and alternative object which is slowly changing urban mobility, thanks to the combination of balance and speed, the strong point of all hoverboards. Once familiar and practical with the vehicle, it will be as if the object almost became a physical extension of our body, allowing us to move with agility on roads, streets and paths.

In fact, what attracts the most about this object is its ability to give the thrill of speed but still maintaining the right balance. So if you are the curious type, attentive to the environment, to new fashions and to having fun, the hoverboard is definitely the right vehicle for you. In fact, in addition to being a device that allows you to move easily from one area to another, it is consider a useful, fun and ecological vehicle, as it is electric and does not pollute, an aspect particularly appreciated by adults.

Many models are equipped with a bluetooth speaker or integrate bluetooth, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while driving the vehicle. Furthermore, some scooters can be connect to the iPhone, again via bluetooth, allowing the driver to have useful information directly on the phone regarding the autonomy of the hoverboard, the distance traveled and the distance still traveled or, again, the state of the object.

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