Hoverboards, also known as two-wheeled electric hoverboard, are very popular especially among the youngest. Before purchasing the best hoverboard for your needs, it is important to evaluate the technical factors to know: for this reason, we have decided to take stock of the situation with this buying guide.


The hoverboard is an electric means of transport, also called a two-wheeled electric hoverboard, which uses a series of sensors and a motor power by a battery to transport people. Known in uk as a self-balancing electric scooter, the hoverboard use two wheels connect to two articulate platforms, which are controll by the movements recognize by a balance sensor that evaluates the pilot’s position and by a gyroscope, making the need to use a handlebar and a vertical handle with which to pilot it completely unnecessary, although for some models there is the option to use these accessories as well. The law prohibits their use on the street, precisely because it is a real electric bicycle, but it is still possible to use them on private roads, courtyards and sidewalks.

And even if it has only recently become popular, there are many types of hoverboards on the market, which are distinguish from each other by some technical characteristics that make this particular means of locomotion available in many variations: by now it is also very easy to find cheap hoverboards.

And just as its diffusion has grown, especially among the youngest, so have the technical factors to know with full knowledge of the facts before purchasing the best hoverboard for your needs: for this reason, with this buying guide we thought we’d take stock of the situation, explaining what you need to evaluate before buying, and then proceed with a real list of models that – in our opinion – have the best quality/price ratio.
How to choose the best hoverboard
Just as we mention, buying the best hoverboard for your needs could not be a very easy thing, although the market is very recent, in reality the models on sale are distinguish from each other by some fundamental technical characteristics.

Maximum weight supported
One of the first factors to consider before buying the best hoverboard for your needs is the maximum weight that the device can support. Why not, not all hoverboards are able to support the same weight and if you are a little ahead with the kilos, to be on the safe side it is important to consider buying a model capable of supporting your tonnage.

Engine power
Another aspect to consider is the power of the integrated motors. The most powerful hoverboards, for example, move thanks to two motors of 200 or 240 watts each. The power of the engine obviously determines the maximum speed that the hoverboard can reach, but it is essential to remember that this type of device, for safety, never exceeds 20 km/h: if you were to give it to a child, it could logical to opt for a model with less power and a more limited top speed.
The battery is the beating heart of the hoverboard and determines its maximum range. In general terms, a hoverboard equipped with a good battery will never be able to travel for more than 15/20 KM, after which it will be necessary to recharge: this too is a factor that varies according to the model chosen, especially for regarding the time required for a full charge.

Weight of the hoverboard
And in addition to the maximum weight it can support, it is also very important to evaluate the weight of the hoverboard itself. Our advice is to aim for a model that is as light as possible, because in this way it will be easier to carry it around with you when you are not using it. There are many hoverboards on offer for less than 100 euros that have this feature, but you will need to sift through all the discounts available to find the best model for your needs.

Wheel diameter
The diameter of the wheels is directly related to the type of road on which the hoverboard will be use. Larger wheels, although less comfortable for transport when switch off, will ensure greater attenuation of vibrations and potholes, and will allow the vehicle to be use even on tracks where cobblestones are the masters.
Best cheap hoverboards

Once the factors to consider are clear, let’s move on to the actual buying guide. We will start with the most interesting low-end devices, devices which, despite being very cheap, guarantee excellent value for money.
Hoverboard Electric Scooter
With an extremely more sober design, the ACBK – Hoverboard Electric Scooter is also perfect for more mature people. The maximum speed is 10 km/h, the range is 20 km and it can support a load of up to 100 kg while the minimum weight is 20 kg. The wheels are 6.5 inches and have 2 independent 360 W motors. The support surface of the wheels is very large, stable and finished in high grip rubber. In addition, it has LED lights for better visibility.
Best mid-range hoverboards

We continue our review of the best hoverboards by moving on to the mid-range ones. This is a very interesting price range, because it allows you to buy devices with excellent functionality and quality, sold at a price that is not too excessive.

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