Collegeview Commons in Waterloo: A Well-Equipped Student Accommodation Property
Collegeview Commons in Waterloo: A Well-Equipped Student Accommodation Property

Waterloo is a famous city in the Canadian province of Ontario. In the past few years, this city has acquired fame for a variety of reasons one of which is higher education. Waterloo is home to many universities and colleges where indigenous students, students from other parts of Canada, and students from around the world come to get education.


Students who come from outside Canada are facilitated with some excellent places for accommodation. One of the popular places in this regard is Collegeview Commons. It is a well-equipped student accommodation property in Waterloo where you can get the facilities for various aspects of your life.

Below, you will read about some of the things that you get in Collegeview Commons.

Bedrooms with Shared Kitchens, Living Rooms, and Bathrooms

In this fabulous property meant for student accommodation Waterloo, there are apartments with multiple bedrooms. Each bedroom is occupied by one resident. Shared kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms are provided to the residents.

In the living room, you can meet other residents and have a fun time with them.

Facilities for Studies

You are in Waterloo for getting higher education. Therefore, facilities for studies are necessary for you in the first place. In the rooms for students, study desks and chairs are provided where you can study in the right physical posture and with full concentration.

Moreover, there is also a study room in Collegeview Commons, which is provided to students to facilitate disturbance-free studies.


Fitness is also necessary for students due to several reasons. A fit body has a strong immune system so students can protect themselves from various diseases. Moreover, fitness produces a fit mind. So, students can perform well in their studies. In addition, it is also necessary for students to keep their bodies in shape.

For all these purposes, there is a gym available in this accommodation property for students. This gym has all the necessary equipment for the workouts of residents.

Games Room

One more aspect that is necessary for students is the fun. Fun provides students mental healing from stress. To provide fun to students living in Collegeview Commons, there is a games room available here. In this room, tables are found for playing the games like table tennis and pool. So, you can have fun in the games room and play friendly matches.


Cinema entertainment provides more fun to students. During your stay in Waterloo, you can visit different cinemas, theatres, etc. But, before this, you can visit the in-house cinema of your student accommodation property. In Collegeview Commons, you get a cinema inside the complex. So, you also have the option to visit the on-site cinema of this property.

Yoga Room

Yogic postures, breathing exercises, and meditation – these are the practices, which are very helpful for the physical, mental, and emotional health of everyone. For students, these are especially beneficial. They can acquire perfect physical health plus can get mental health and emotional health, which are good for their studies.

In this student accommodation property, there is a special Yoga Room available where you can perform all these practices.

Common Area

It is a well-known fact that students who visit abroad also like to make some international friends. Overseas students in Waterloo are also no exceptions.

So, there are facilities for individuals here to meet other residents and befriend them. Living rooms in apartments have already been mentioned above. Besides, this is also a common area in Collegeview Commons where residents of different apartments can meet each other. This is an ideal place where they can befriend each other and meet each other again and again.


Quite obviously, students also need a space where they could unload their suitcases after reaching their residence in Waterloo and could keep their clothes. For this purpose, wardrobes are provided to all the residents living in this property.

So, you are not required to arrange your own wardrobe since you already find it in your student room.

Washing Machine

For washing your clothes comfortably, a washing machine is also provided to you in Collegeview Commons.

Heating Service

In cold countries like Canada, you may need the facility to control the temperature of the room. Therefore, you also find heating service inside your rooms in Collegeview Commons, which is inclusive of bills.

24-Hour On-Call Staff

Waterloo is a new place for you. Therefore, sometimes, you may face some problems at some moments. Similarly, you may have some queries in mind. But, you don’t need to worry since you find a 24-hour on-call staff at this property. You can get your problems and queries resolved with the help of this staff.


In terms of practicality, Collegeview Commons ensures that students have the necessary storage space for their belongings. Each resident is provided with a wardrobe, allowing them to unload their suitcases upon arrival and neatly organize their clothes throughout their stay.

Moreover, the property offers the convenience of a washing machine, saving students the hassle of finding alternative laundry services. This amenity enables residents to conveniently clean their clothes within the premises.

Recognizing the climate in Canada, particularly during the colder months, Collegeview Commons provides heating services within the student rooms. This feature allows residents to control the temperature in their rooms, ensuring a comfortable living environment throughout the year. The heating service is inclusive of utility bills, alleviating any additional financial burdens for students.


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