which ipl team has most fans
which ipl team has most fans

There is no scale using which we can measure the exact team which has the highest number of fans in the IPL but we can still list some of the teams which are supposed to have the highest fan following. 


We cannot present top 10 fan following ipl team as the number of teams are only 10 which is why we are going to tell you about the best IPL teams which you are going to tell you about in this blog having a huge fan following. 

Top 5 Fan Following IPL Teams in the History – 

Chennai Super Kings 

Chennai Super Kings is the team which has the highest number of fans in the IPL and in a cumulative figure then CSK has around 23.50 million followers and this data is usually collected with regard to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and also Youtube. 

The reason of this huge fan following is the success of this team in the IPL and also having MS Dhoni as the captain of the team along with which various prominent players such as Ravindra Jadeja and others are in the team. 

Mumbai Indians 

The next team in line for the most fans in IPL team is Mumbai Indians which has won 5 trophies in the IPL. The round of figure for the fans of the team is around 22.35 million from all social media platforms. 

Mumbai is also the most populous city in India and it is very much obvious that this team comes in the list of the fan following. Also, in the name of Rohit Sharma the team has a very promising Captain, the other players of MI are Ishan Kishan, Surya Kumar Yadav, etc. 

Royal Challengers Banglore

Royal challengers Banglore comes third in the list, even though the team hasn’t won any trophies yet, the team has some good amount of fans, around 20.32 million from various social media platforms. 

The reason behind the fan following of RCB is the star studded team they have which has bought them a huge number of followers. RCB has god of cricket AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle in their team and for a long time team also has Virat Kohli as the captain. 

There are other teams also other than these three teams such as Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals, etc who also have a decent amount of fans because of their performance and the players they include in their team. 

 Even though your favorite team isn’t in the list, you shouldn’t be disappointed as all the teams of IPL have nice number of fans because if they wouldn’t then the IPL league wouldn’t be so popular all across the world. 


We hope now that after reading the information which we have given in this blog you were able to know that which IPL team has most fans and along with this you were also able to learn more about the teams in IPL and we believe the details were helpful for you in all ways.


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