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Web design trends change and evolve all the time. Design elements and features that were previously thought to be cutting-edge are now worn out, overused, and trite.


However, keeping up with the ever-changing world of web design trends may be an exhausting and time-consuming task. As a result, we want to save you time by listing 10 web design trends that every Dubai freelance web designer should be aware of. So, read on to know about them! 

10 Web Design Trends That Every Web Designer Should Know:

Now, let us describe these web design trends in detail so that you can clearly understand them.

1.      Dark Mode:

The dark mode is a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a design feature that allows users to switch the colour scheme of a website to a dark background with light text. It reduces eye strain and makes it easier to read content in low-light environments.

On the aesthetic front, dark mode gives your website an ultra-modern look while allowing you to showcase other design features. It is particularly popular among mobile users who often use their devices in low-light environments.

2.      Minimalism:

Minimalism is a design philosophy that emphasises simplicity and minimal use of elements. This trend has become famous in recent years because it helps a Dubai freelance web designer create a clean and uncluttered design, making it easier for users to navigate a website.

It is often used in combination with white space to create a sense of elegance and sophistication.

3.      Responsive Design:

Responsive websites are faster, more accessible, and easier to navigate. It then makes it easier for consumers to find the information they seek. Furthermore, excellent usability may entice customers to return to your website in the future.

Responsive design is crucial because it allows a website to adapt its layout and content to different screen sizes and resolutions. This trend has become increasingly important in recent years as more and more people are accessing the internet on mobile devices.

4.      One-Page Websites:

One-page websites are becoming more demanding. These websites are designed to be simple and easy to navigate with all content on a single page. They are great for businesses or individuals who want to create a simple and effective online presence without the need for multiple pages.

Therefore, they can go for one-page websites and achieve their goals quickly and affordably.

5.      3D Design

Three-dimensional (3D) design is another trend in the web design industry. With 3D design, web designers can design immersive and engaging web experiences that capture the user’s attention.

Three-dimensional design elements such as 3D illustrations, animations, and interactive features create a more realistic and tangible user experience. Dubai freelance web designers can use 3D design to enhance product visualisations, create dynamic storytelling, and showcase the brand’s personality.

However, it is essential to note that 3D design can impact website load times, and web designers must optimise the performance design.

6.      Asymmetrical Layouts

Gone are the days of rigid grid-based layouts; asymmetrical layouts are the new trend in web design. These layouts allow web designers to create unique and dynamic designs that break the monotony of standard layouts.

They can bring a sense of movement and direction, guiding the user’s attention to the most critical elements of the design. Thus, web designers can use asymmetrical layouts to create a visual hierarchy that highlights the brand’s messaging.

7.      Bold Typography

Bold typography is not a new trend in web design, but it has been gaining more attention recently. It makes a bold and confident visual statement that can evoke strong emotions in the users.

Web designers can use bold typography to make the brand’s messaging stand out and create a memorable impression. Hence, it is essential to use bold typography in moderation and ensure it is legible and accessible to all users.

8.      Accessibility

Web accessibility is not a trend but a critical aspect of web design that every website designer must prioritise. It refers to designing websites that are accessible to users with disabilities such as hearing or visual impairments.

Dubai freelance web designers can make sure accessibility by creating designs that are easy to navigate and have clear and legible typography. They can also use alt tags to provide descriptions of images and other visual content. It makes the website accessible to users with visual impairments.

9.      Neumorphism: 

Neumorphism is a relatively new design trend that has taken over the world of online design. It is a design style that is characterised by a combination of flat design and skeuomorphism. But, the goal of Neumorphism is to create designs that are both minimalistic and realistic.

Neomorphism is all about using shadows and gradients to create a 3D effect on a flat surface. It gives the design a sense of depth and realism. The shadows used in Neumorphismare are soft and subtle, giving the design a more natural feel.

10.  Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface (VUI for short) is another trend that web designers should be paying attention to. VUI is all about designing interfaces that can be controlled using voice commands.

The rise of voice-controlled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home has led to a surge in the popularity of VUI. People are becoming more comfortable using voice commands to control their devices, and this is having a big impact on the world of web design.

Nevertheless, one of the key benefits of VUI is that it can help website designers make websites and applications more accessible. People with disabilities or those who struggle with traditional GUI interfaces may find VUI interfaces easier to use.

Ending Remarks:

In conclusion, these are only a few of the web design trends that every web designer should be aware of. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, Dubai freelance web designer can create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Whether you’re designing a website for a small business or a large corporation, it is important to keep these trends in mind and incorporate them into your design process. Remember, design trends come and go, but good design principles are timeless


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