Town Hall 8 represents a major upgrade for players in the game clash. Clans. Base th 8 now has +4 new defense towers as well as a dark elixir drill. First, you need to update your priority list when upgrading from th7 or th8. There will be many priority lists for upgrading; each list will differ from the best th8 war base.


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This guide focuses on the base war th 10 warbase upgrade priority list, building placing strategies, and designing it. This guide will teach you many things. This guide will help you build the best th8 war base. Important note: town hall 8 is only the first stage of the preparation for the town hall 9 hero grind. You can unlock and upgrade towers and buildings that are important to town hall 8.

Anti Gowipe TH8 War Base

The laboratory is the first to be upgraded in most levels of clash of clans bases layouts. In town hall 8, the same applies. To upgrade your troops, you need to first upgrade the laboratory. You can then upgrade the dark spell factory or clan castle. Clan castles will give you an additional 5 camp space. Town Hall 9 can be a tedious grind so make sure you max out all the town hall 8 items. The absence of an enemy offensive is key to your defense’s success. It is important that the base be so designed that it is difficult for enemy forces to attack.

Anti Everything TH8 War Base

The war base layout is where the town hall is more important. It is usually centralized. The town hall must be kept safe and secure. It is important to design the best th8 war base keeping in mind the safety of the town hall. Both defense and offense are essential for the best war bases. In war, you must attack your enemies as well as defend your clan.

Anti 1 Star Town Hall 8 War Base

The layout of the th8 trophy bases and the war base layouts are very different. The army in a war zone is set up so that it can be used for defense or offense. You can change the base design strategy while attacking trophy bases. You will choose the target in a trophy base, while you would prefer an army to be attacked. Here are some strategies that will help you build the best war bases for your clan.

Unbeatable Th8 War Bases

These are some of the most powerful and unique th8 war bases available for your clan. The town hall is centrally located in most war bases for its security. Sometimes, however, it is best to keep the town hall out of the clan as enemies will always seek to get to the center. Another tip for creating the best th8 war base is to break it up into smaller sections to make it more difficult.

COC War Base Layout Link

There is less loot tension in war bases, which allows you to keep valuable resource towers inside. You can also place other resource towers outside to protect the clan. This base can be used to display the archer queen altar and the barbarian monarch altar. The entire clan is protected by an additional layer of defense and armour towers.

Anti 3 Star Town Hall 8 War Base

The best war base demonstrates the incredible strategy. In which the center compartment remains empty, this is the most impressive. The town hall 8 base is placed in the corner of the clan, surrounded by a heavy defense armoury. For its protection, the archer queen altar is placed closer to the town hall. Other small compartments include defense buildings, resource towers, and army towers. The clan’s important storage tower is located inside, while the other is outside. One of the sections contains defense buildings. The clan castle is located in this section. The best th8 warbase also has an outer layer that is made up of a heavy armoured force to protect it from the outside.

TH8 War Base Anti Dragon and Gowipe

The base is divided into two small clans that each contain small sections. The best base th 12 warbase consists of a central town hall with an archer queen altar, vital defense buildings, and a town hall. This base has a lot of space, so it looks smaller than other bases. These two small clans are joined by a layer. This layer is made up of a clan castle, small bombs and air-defense structures. The clash of clans bases best town hall 8 warbase is surrounded by a layer of defense and army buildings to protect it from an opponent’s attack.

TH8 War Base Dark Barbarian

This is the best-built design by players to win war against opponents. This best th8 warbase will show you all the strategies necessary to make your base as effective as possible. First, the town hall has a storage tower and clan castle that are centrally located. The clan is further protected by being divided into smaller sections. The resource towers are kept within the clan. The clan’s best war base is protected by a strong wall and an army layer.

Undefeated Town Hall 8 War Base

It is unique in its design. One compartment houses the town hall, a heavy army, and an archer queen altar. Heavy defense and towers are also found in the last compartment. The buildings in the middle layers are very sparse. The best th8 warbase is also protected by a layer of the Army


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