Types of Projector Throws and Everything Else You Must Know

The projectors produce high-quality images with perfect resolution when there is an ideal distance between the screen and the projector. The distance is termed as projector throw and plays a significant role in defining the quality of the equipment.


 Not all projectors have the same projection. It means you cannot randomly pick and install a projector wherever you want. You must explore and learn about the types of projection throws to better understand your need and requirements. It will help you make a decision you do not have to regret.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to learn and explore about types of projector throws and everything else you must know to make a better decision for your setup.

Top 3 Types of Projector Throws You Must Know About

Types of projection throws are usually decided according to the distance between the projector and the screen. There are various types of projector throws that are designed for specific types of settings. They only function efficiently in their specific settings and produce the required results. Therefore, you must know the types and make the right choice after carefully assessing your needs and requirements.

Here are the major types of projector throws you must know about before choosing one for your setup.

1. Long Throw

Long-throw projectors are the very first type of projector throws. This type of throw is used for getting large images. Long-throw projectors are usually installed in the center of the ceiling of large rooms to get the required results. These types of projectors are not ideal for all setups. Due to this, people consult Epson UAE suppliers to get the best ones according to their needs.

a. Pros:

The biggest pros of long throw projectors are that they are highly affordable and easily available. You do not have to suffer much or pay extra to get long throw lenses. On top of this, it produces mesmerizing and engaging projections in larger settings, which hooks the attendees.

b. Cons:

The most notable con of long throw projectors is that they cannot be reused across various types of settings. They are only designed for larger conference rooms and auditoriums. You will have to make a separate investment for the smaller settings. However, shorter throw projectors can be adjusted and utilized in larger settings according to the need and requirement.

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2. Short Throw

A short throw is the most common type of projector throw you must beware of. Short-throw projectors are installed closer to the screen and the ceiling. The distance is usually three to eight feet between the projector and the screen. This type of projection throw is ideal for creating high-quality images in smaller settings. Although the distance is small, the projection can expand up to hundred inches.

a. Pros:

The biggest pros of short-throw projectors are that they are easily adjustable in all types of smaller settings. They throw highly detailed images which can instantly boost the interest and engagement of the viewers. You can even add more value to the projection by adding light-reflecting screens in the smaller settings.

b. Cons:

The biggest con of short-throw projectors is that they produce extensive heat while projecting larger images at a smaller distance. This can make the atmosphere suffocated and increase the presence of harmful substances. On top of this, short-throw projectors are quite sensitive and only display crisp images against smooth surfaces.

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3. Ultra Short Throw

This is the last type of projector throw you must be aware of. This type of projection is used for a distance of zero to four feet between the screen and projector. The images are quite refined and appealing due to such a short projection throw. However, you must pay attention to numerous features while choosing them. You can consult Epson projector dealer in UAE to get recommendations according to your need and make a perfect choice.

a. Pros:

The major pros of ultra-short projection throw are that it eliminates the shadow completely and hinders any type of distraction during presentations. It also subsides the eye glare, which makes it easy for the presenter to face the attendees and convey the points confidently.

b. Cons:

The biggest con of the ultra-short projection throw is that it is installed on the wall right beside the screen. Such an arrangement might not be possible in all settings. The users can even place the projector on a table while setting the projection downwards. It can give rise to frequent setup concerns and serve as a constant distraction. If you are unsure which projector throw is suitable for your setting, you can use the support of experts. Contact professional dealers and suppliers to explore ideal projectors and get the one experts recommend.


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