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Dr. Jay Feldman is one of the most effective ways to stay fit is by participating in sporting activities. 


In terms of sports, we refer to physical activities that are perform for entertainment or recreation. For satisfaction and competition.

Through sports alone, one can use to the fullest extent including joints, muscles, and cardiovascular system.

In addition, it improves other physical abilities, endurance, and levels of energy.

If you participate in a sport or activity, you’ll be able to cut away fats from your body. You will also achieve a slim and toned body. 

Participating in sports is a rigorous and strict health regimen that will help you face the challenges of the field. It is equally beneficial to your everyday life.

It is also important that a person be aware of his health requirements and work tirelessly to fulfill the same.

Helpful to boost energy levels and health during one of the activities in sports:

1. Take plenty of water. Water is the most important element for good functioning in your body, and without it you will not survive.

Dehydration excessive that results in the loss of plenty of fluid from your body due to the effects of sweating can cause you to become unwell and in extreme cases you may even lose your life.

It is highly recommended for anyone who is involved in some of the more strenuous sports to drink plenty of water.

In some activities, it is possible to require different sports or health drinks to replenish a lot of fluid in the body.

A sports drink is intende to provide you with two important elements like carbohydrates as well as electrolytes that are particularly depleted when you are engaged in intense sports.

In the event that you do not have a carbohydrate, you are unable to carry on with other things, it is imperative to have an energy source similar to the carbohydrate.

2. More veggies! It is usually advised by experts to eat more vegetables and fruit products when participating in sports activities.

With these foods, you’ll be able to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs in turn your body gets stronger to take on different kinds of demands that are a part of the sport.

3. Calcium intake. The sport itself requires that you have an appropriate amount of calcium in your diet. Calcium is essential for the health of bones.

Because of the activity, there is a higher chance to become injured to the joints and tendons. Therefore for them to become stronger and healthier the intake of calcium is essential. This can help will prevent fractures and keep you to stay clear of bone diseases like “osteoporosis”.

The most calcium-rich foods are tofu and sardines along with dairy and other products. They can also be abundantly present in vitamins as well as minerals supplements.

4. Warm-up exercises are essential prior to engaging in any intense exercise. Make sure you do warm-ups prior to going into the arenas or playing fields, otherwise, you could be prone to muscular strains, and possibly serious injuries.

Simplify Health Fitness by Dr. Jay Feldman

Health professionals will recommend exercising as a component of a fat loss plan. The most effective doctors, however, will inform you that the standard suggestion of long-lasting and low-intensity exercises such as walking, jogging bicycling, and aerobics for as long as six times a week is not the best suggestion to lose weight.

Exercise that is long-lasting, low-impact, and activities can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, which makes the person feel hungry and angry. While aerobics can bring certain cardiovascular benefits but it doesn’t create muscles. In reality, prolonged exercise routines that are aerobic can cause the loss of muscle and weakening.

Weight loss is not only about calories out. To lose weight, you need to shed fat. The most difficult part of weight loss is reaching your fat reserves. The most important factor in losing weight is knowing how food affects hormones. 

An article I co-authored along with Dr. Jay Feldman, “Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn’t Work,” examines the effects of sugar on the body, and how insulin helps to hold the fat in the fat cells and hinders the effectiveness of exercise programs that are widely used.

How do you access those fat storage areas? I suggest a program of resistance exercises that are designed to increase the endurance, strength, and flexibility of your muscles. 

Benefits include the toning of muscles and stress relief, as well as weight loss. A practical, simple method to lose weight should follow a three-prong method that incorporates:

1. Training on the way that food affects your hormones2. Demonstration on what exercise is effective is for people focus on losing weight and improving their health, not athletic performance.
3. A method to deal with the biochemical imbalances in the body, such as testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, and so on. which could be causing the increase in weight.

For those who are obese and deconditioned people, there are other factors to consider. Weight loss and athletic performance are two distinct goals.


Dr. Jay Feldman says we all should know how to discuss with someone during stressful situations. Listening and discussion are extremely beneficial in helping people move forward. 

It’s equally important to give others space and develop mutually positive as well as healthy relationships.


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