In the dynamic realm of project management, staying abreast of the latest trends, case studies, and industry advancements is crucial for professional growth. Project management conferences offer a unique platform for project professionals to immerse themselves in a wealth of knowledge, network with industry peers, and gain insights that can propel their careers forward. Let’s embark on a journey through some notable conferences in the USA and the UK slated for 2024.


Why Attend Project Management Conferences?

Project Management Conferences are not mere gatherings; they are knowledge hubs where professionals converge to witness product announcements, delve into case studies, and augment their skills. In the current landscape, many conferences continue to offer virtual attendance options, providing a convenient way to participate without the constraints of travel. However, the experience of attending at least one in-person conference closer to home is highly recommended.

Here are compelling reasons why professionals should actively participate in project management conferences:

Knowledge Enrichment:

Conferences provide a concentrated source of knowledge, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a wealth of information. Industry experts often deliver keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops, offering valuable insights into emerging trends, methodologies, and case studies.

Networking Opportunities:

These events create a conducive environment for networking with like-minded professionals. Building connections with peers, industry veterans, and potential collaborators enhances professional visibility and opens doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

Stay Updated on Industry Trends:

The project management landscape is ever-evolving, with new methodologies, technologies, and best practices constantly emerging. Conferences offer a real-time update on these trends, helping professionals stay ahead of the curve and adapt their strategies to industry shifts.

Career Advancement:

Attending conferences can significantly contribute to career advancement. Exposure to diverse perspectives, successful case studies, and innovative approaches equips professionals with the knowledge and skills that can set them apart in their careers.

Professional Development:

Workshops, training sessions, and interactive activities conducted at conferences provide practical insights and skills that contribute to ongoing professional development. Attendees can gain hands-on experience, enhancing their capabilities in areas such as leadership, communication, and project execution.

Conferences in the USA: A Calendar Overview

Construction CPM Conference (Jan 14-17)

Location: Hilton Palacio Del Rio, San Antonio

Exclusive to construction professionals, this conference is a melting pot of insights tailored for the construction industry.

Project Management Symposium (April 18-19)

Location: University of Maryland, College Park, MD

A symposium designed to explore the diverse facets of project management, offering a deep dive into its multifaceted landscape.

Project Control Summit (April 22-24)

Location: Galveston Island Convention Center, Galveston, Texas

Drawing professionals, decision-makers, and thought leaders, this summit is a convergence point for project expertise.

Project Management in Practice Boston University (June 14-15)

Location: Boston University

Returning to in-person format, this conference focuses on Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, along with Agile and AI in Project Management.

AACE International Conference & Expo (June 16-18)

Location: Signa by Hilton, Atlanta

Hosted by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, this conference delves into cost engineering for planning, scheduling, estimating, and risk analysis.

PMI Global Summit

Venue and Date: Yet to be confirmed

A global summit attracting professionals worldwide, offering a diverse array of insights and networking opportunities.

Deltek ProjectCon (Nov 11-13)

Location: Gaylord National Harbor, MD

An annual conference catering to all Deltek users, providing a comprehensive overview of their product range.

EVM Practitioners’ (EVMP) Forum

Venue and Date: Yet to be confirmed

A two-day workshop focusing on Earned Value Management, equipping delegates with advanced skills.

USA Project Controls Expo

Date: Yet to be published

Venue: Yet to be confirmed

An expo bringing together project controls professionals, providing a platform to explore the latest trends and innovations.

Conferences in the UK: A Calendar Overview

Project Challenge Spring Show

Date and Venue: Yet to be confirmed

A free event featuring a mix of stands and speakers, providing insights into the latest trends and practices.


Location: Armourers Hall

A one-day conference focused on project controls and Earned Value Management techniques, tailored for senior management.

APM Conference (June 5-6)

Location: Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry

Hosted by the Association of Project Management, this conference explores future skills for project management under the theme ‘Navigating Tomorrow.’

PMO Conference (June 18th-19th)

Location: etc. venue, Houndsditch London

A conference exclusively dedicated to PMO, offering insights and strategies to enhance PMO practices.

Project Challenge (October 12)

Location: Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Similar to the Spring Project Challenge, this free event provides a platform to explore the latest developments in project management.

UK Project Controls Expo

Date and Venue: Yet to be confirmed

An expo focusing on project controls, offering a comprehensive view of the discipline’s evolution and innovations.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of project management conferences in 2024, the opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development are abundant. Whether virtually or in person, these conferences serve as catalysts for growth, propelling project professionals into the future of their careers.


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