Basic Science for class 6

Basic Science is a popular choice for sixth-grade CBSE board students. Designed effectively to meet the standards of the Class 6 CBSE syllabus, Basic Science gives them the fundamental knowledge of essential scientific principles. This book is a very good introduction to key facts and experimentation basics. Read further to get an overview of Basic Science for Class 6 and how it aids in laying a solid foundation for the subject.


About The Book – Basic Science For Class 6

Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors have an effective science book named Basic Science for class 6. It is co-authored by G. Mehta, A. Mishra, D. Lehri, and  R Mohan. The textbook delivers easy-to-understand concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concisely. The book comes in a paperback binding and is beautifully printed with colourful illustrations. It has been carefully crafted to offer extensive coverage of science subjects encompassing all the topics of the CBSE syllabus.

Significance of Basic Science For Class 6

Class 6 is very important in a student’s academic period, and Science is a subject that enjoys a superior position. Good knowledge of Science is essential for setting a strong foundation for further scientific learning. Basic Science is a renowned textbook that holds the following significance for sixth-graders of CBSE.

Building a Strong Foundation for Scientific Learning

Basic Science facilitates students with a firm foundation for the onset of scientific learning. It helps students grasp the natural world and its phenomena while introducing them to the basic concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology. This foundation can lead to various careers in science-related fields and is essential for later academic endeavours.

Covering the Complete CBSE Science Syllabus for Sixth Grade

Basic Science is a comprehensive textbook that covers the whole CBSE science syllabus for Class 6 students. The book precisely explains all three basic science subjects and is designed well, considering sixth-graders understanding level.

Allowing Students to Practice More

The book has the right amount and type of questions for the students. The questions are provided at regular intervals throughout the chapters. This ensures proper revision before moving on to further understanding the chapter. Very precise exercises are found at the end of every chapter section.

Developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Basic Science develops the skill to observe, question, and experiment in Class 6 students. The book encourages the readers to engage in such intellectual activities, thus enabling them to acquire problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The book has the calibre to inculcate data analysis, draw conclusions, and take decisions in the students’ minds. These skills are crucial for achieving necessary academic and personal growth.

Encouraging Practical Experimentation and Observation

Students can learn to execute real experiments and make observations using this textbook. Students learn more successfully and enjoy learning more using hands-on learning techniques. Additionally, it aids in students’ growth of a deeper understanding of the natural world’s complexity.

Preparing for Future Academic Pursuits

Basic Science is a good option as it helps students prepare for future academic pursuits, including higher studies in science-related fields and competitive exams. It gives them the appropriate base knowledge and skills required for a head start in their educational career.


The sixth-grade science book is crucial for students to develop a strong scientific foundation. The Basic Science textbook helps students build on a love for science and inspires them to pursue further studies. Basic Science for Class 6 by G. Mehta, A. Mishra, D. Lehri, and  R Mohan is a well-designed textbook. It explains elemental Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts through easy language and exercises.


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