Student Accommodation Melbourne

If you have taken admitted to a university in Melbourne, your next step will definitely be to search for a place for your accommodation. There is no scarcity of student accommodation in Melbourne. Several housing properties in this city are offering superior quality residences to students.


“Unilodge Royal Melbourne” is one of the popular housing properties in Melbourne. This property is equipped with all the amenities that are required by modern-day students. Below, you will read about some major features of Unilodge Royal Melbourne.

Studios and Apartments

Studios and apartments are the accommodation types available in Unilodge Royal Melbourne. If you wish to stay with full privacy in your student accommodation Melbourne then booking a studio will be the perfect option for you. There are different types of studios available here and all the studios are single-occupancy. Studios have ensuite washrooms and kitchens.

On the other hand, there is also a 5-bedroom multi-share apartment here. The apartment is shared by multiple residents and each bedroom is allotted to one resident. Therefore, you get your private space in the apartment. But, the other areas are communal. You find a communal lounge and dining area where you can meet other residents of the apartment. Kitchens and washrooms in this apartment are also shared.

Study Features

Since this housing property is meant for students, it has some study features. Here, you find a study area with a high-quality desk and chair. In addition, a study room is also provided to the residents of Unilodge, where they can do their studies in a calm environment.

Fitness Features

Fitness is also necessary for students since a fit body is a source of a fit mind. Besides, a fit body is a good armor against various diseases. Workouts are necessary for everyone to have a fit body. Don’t forget to take care of your fitness. that’s more important to your health. Fitness gives your body a refreshment and disease-free body.

Therefore, a gym has been provided to students on this property where students can do advanced exercises on the highly-sophisticated workout machines.

On the other hand, sports are the perfect workouts through which one can do physical activity while having fun. Therefore, you also find the arrangement for sports here. There is a basketball court available in Unilodge Royal Court, where you can play friendly matches of basketball with your co-residents.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment is also necessary for everyone to eliminate boredom. Besides, it also heals the mind from some mental issues. It is also a type of pain killer for your daily life tensions.

Students may have to face stress in their daily lives and to eliminate this, entertainment is a perfect medium. Therefore, you find entertainment features in Unilodge Royal Melbourne.

On the property, there is an on-site cinema where you can visit and get entertained. Besides, a smart TV is also provided to residents living in Unilodge. So, you can watch the OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as usual cable TV channels and can get loads of entertainment.

Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet Connection

The internet has become necessary today since it is a major source of staying in touch with others. Besides, it is also a prominent medium of information searching, online shopping, entertainment, etc. for everyone.

For students, it is more necessary because of its usage in their studies. Sometimes, online lectures are provided to them by universities and colleges. Moreover, it is used a lot by students today for completing their projects and assignments, getting lessons via video tutorials and text lessons, sending and receiving notes & lessons, staying in touch with faculty, and more.

Understanding the requirements of students, there is an arrangement for a free unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection on this property.

Kitchen and BBQ

For dining, you find a microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen of your studio or apartment. Moreover, there is also a BBQ in Unilodge Royal Melbourne so you can get the taste of grilled food.

Common Area for Meeting Other Residents of the Property

You would also like to make new friends while living here and for this purpose, there is a common area available. Students from different residences of Unilodge Royal Melbourne can assemble in this area and can be acquainted with each other.

Laundry Room

You have to commute to your institute every day for which you need washed clothes. On the weekends also, you may visit the significant landmarks of the city. So, you need washed clothes every day but you may not find time to wash them due to busyness in your studies. So, a laundry room is available for you where you can give your clothes for washing.

Bicycle Storage Space

You can park your bicycle safely at the bicycle storage space of Unilodge Royal Melbourne.


You can book a residence in Unilodge Royal Melbourne easily today via online platforms.


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