Swissguard is a security company that aims to revolutionize classic alarm monitoring and on-site manned guarding protection models. The company has a promising goal of combining human and artificial intelligence in their service offerings to provide the best security solutions to their clients and partners. Swissguard is committed to providing security services to private as well as commercial customers to take care of their lives, health, and valuables.


The Power of Remote Monitoring

Swissguard’s main objective is to become the leader of manned guarding combined with 24/7 live remote security solutions. Remote monitoring is a powerful tool that allows a security company to monitor properties from afar. This technology has the potential to reduce security costs, increase response time, and improve the overall security of a property. Remote monitoring can detect security breaches in real-time, alert the security team, and take immediate action to prevent damage or loss. Swissguard’s innovative approach to security services offers clients the benefits of remote monitoring combined with manned guarding for ultimate protection.

The Benefits of Swissguard

Swissguard’s core values include commitment, loyalty, Swiss quality, and industry excellence. These values are evident in the company’s commitment to providing top-notch security services to their clients. Swissguard’s international operation has grown exponentially, with numerous subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe, the USA, and the UK. The company has achieved quick and stable success due to its loyal clientele who entrust their properties to Swissguard. Swissguard offers a range of security services, including manned guarding, remote monitoring, and alarm monitoring. With Swissguard’s innovative approach to security, clients can rest assured that their properties are secure and well-protected.


Swissguard is leading the way in revolutionizing the security industry with their innovative approach to security services. The combination of manned guarding and remote monitoring provides clients with the ultimate protection for their properties. Swissguard’s commitment to its core values of commitment, loyalty, Swiss quality, and industry excellence is evident in the services they provide. With Swissguard, clients can trust that their properties are well-protected and secure.


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