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We live in an environment of technology that moves forwards at the speed of light. Every day we can observe the growth in the tech segment. In the changing era, we often get confused with superficial and unnecessary updates that don’t enhance the device’s overall value.


Many companies promote their useless features as revolutionary changes in the tech segment, and most of us buy their gadgets in the hope of getting effective results but end up getting useless features. However, they contain some new features, but the main thing is whether we need them or not?

As we all spend our hard-earned money buying any device, we should go for the best option that provides the best value at an affordable price.

Nowadays, refurbished products are getting hype because they offer great value for less money.

What do refurbished devices mean?

Refurbished means to make a used device better with further improvement in the device’s hardware. Some brand new products are also called refurbished when they require further quality improvement.

After refurbishment, devices look as good as a new one. People mainly purchase Refurbished Smartphones and laptops for saving cost.

However, our company primarily deals with refurbished laptops.

Are refurbished products and used products both the same?

Our policy regarding refurbished laptops

Generally, people think that both refurbished and used products are the same, but in reality, there is a huge difference between them.

As stated above, refurbished products are the improved version of defaulted or used products.

Normally, companies dump those products which could meet their quality criteria to become brand new products, or customers return them for any reason.

Companies can’t sell them as new products, so instead of selling them as new ones, they refurbish their products and sell them at a cheaper value than new ones.

Usually companies don’t sell their Refurbished Products directly through their official medium. They often sell them to local vendors. After that, local vendors resell them in markets.

Local vendors also purchase used products from customers and then improve their quality by working on the device’s hardware and internal system and reselling them to the market.

While used products are second hand goods without any improvement, we also don’t get any warranty for second hand devices.

Why should you buy refurbished laptops?

Why should you buy refurbished laptops

There are myriad products, both technical and non-technical, that are available as Refurbished Products.

The Laptop is the most common device which people prefer buying in refurbished version mainly because of following Pros:

1. The first and most obvious benefit is that it will save you a lot of money, which is the foremost reason for buying refurbished laptops.

2. Refurbished goods are also eco-friendly. They substantially reduce the e-waste and the need for new material, which saves natural resources being used to make new ones.

3. Refurbished Laptop doesn’t mean an outdated product with non-worthy features. The vendor usually adds newer features like upgrading its RAM and hard disk to make it fast. So, it will become as good as new one.

It will cost you cheaper than the new one but still perform the same way as the new one performs.

4. As we mentioned earlier, we don’t need useless features most of the time. We have to figure out our needs and get the best option.

5. In refurbished laptops, numerous options are available for both premium and budget categories. You can get normal laptops to MacBooks at a very affordable price compared to new ones.

6. We offer you up to 40% of discount, even more than that in certain cases, compared to the cost of the new model.

For example, if a brand new laptop costs you ₹100000, you can get a refurbished one as low as ₹40000.

Although the discount depends on certain conditions like Laptop model and condition and the kind upgradation, you are demanding, still we try to provide heavy discounts to our customers.

7. Buying a new laptop is a tricky job, especially when you don’t know much about tech specifications or when you are buying your first Laptop.

It is preferable to buy a refurbished laptop as our first Laptop because we don’t have much knowledge about systems and their working at that time.


Just like every product, refurbished laptops also have limitations, or we can say cons:

1. First and most common con most buyers get is that it may have scratches because almost all laptops are used thoroughly by their users before refurbishment.

2. The refurbished laptops don’t have the latest technology, and also, you won’t get all the accessories that new users get; you might need to purchase them separately.

3. In some situations, vendors don’t change old batteries and other damaged parts, which can create problems after some time.

Although there are cons to buying refurbished laptops, its pros overcome its cons.

These limitations can be avoided by properly checking before buying, and selecting the right vendor also plays a crucial role.

How to choose the best-Refurbished Laptop for yourselves?

How to choose the best-Refurbished Laptop for yourselves

These are some tips which you should follow to get the best deal:

1. Always ask for a warranty period of at least six months and check your budget and work requirements.

2. Don’t fall for unnecessary features that don’t provide you any value but enhance your overall product’s cost.

3. Always buy from a trustworthy and authorized dealer, check reviews and read their return policy carefully before buying anything.

4. Don’t buy unnecessary accessories in the name of refurbishment.

5. If you are a college or school student and want to purchase one Laptop for study purposes, get a budget refurbished Laptop. It will save your cost and will easily perform your desired task.

Our policy regarding refurbished laptops:

Our company name is iTechezy, and we are a Gujarat-based refurbished laptop and other devices provider company.

We are known for providing refurbished laptops that are high in quality and low in cost. We always provide value at budget-friendly rates to our customers.

Transparency is our moral, we clear all the terms and conditions before selling any unit to any customer.

That’s why our company provides a six months warranty on refurbished laptops so that customers can freely use them without any fear of repairing them.

You can visit our office located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. or check our website for further details.

Now, why are you waiting? give us a chance to serve you.


Many people think that refurbished laptops and other devices are the same as secondhand devices, but in reality there are huge differences between both of them.

And many more terms were covered in this blog. We hope that our team puts a clear picture of refurbished laptops through this article.

If any queries about our products and terms are still left in your mind, or you want to visit our offline store, feel free to contact us on the number given below:

+91 9979692444
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