One industry that has seen much growth over the past few years includes the cannabis one. This has made it tough for brands to compete. They need to make sure all parts of their product are perfect including its packaging. With the help of eye-catching and attractive packaging, you can make your company be known in the industry. It is possible for a brand to be prominent and let people know that it is a brand to buy from. Pre roll boxes that are designed well have the ability to increase sales for a business.


The following looks at how you can use packaging for pre rolls to showcase your brand and protect the product:

Getting high-quality packaging material

You should look for good-quality packaging material to make the box from so that it can be strong. A box like this will be able to protect the pre rolls so that no germs and other external influences can come into contact with it. You will be able to show your customers that you care about giving them a quality product.

When you choose packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft, you can create packaging which will protect the pre rolls.  You can make a unique size and shape box with packaging materials like this and so allow your packaging to be unique.

Design to target your consumer base

If you want the packaging to look stylish, you should design it according to what the consumer base will be drawn to. The customer will notice these types of boxes and can think about what you are selling.

Pre rolls should stand out to adults as the product is one that adults will want. The boxes should look professional and must have a decent touch to them. You should not include too many images and colors on the box.


The packaging design must not only look good but should be functional. It may be better to avoid fine or really detailed illustrations as this can confuse customers.

The custom pre roll boxes should be easy to open and allow the customer to easily take out the product. The packaging must be simple to close as well, and carry.

Follow regulatory requirements

In the pre roll industry you should adhere to any regulatory requirements which can impact the packaging design. When designing packaging graphics for highly-regulated products, you should be aware of all the applicable packaging regulations if you want to stay away from costly delays present in the design verification stage.

You should find out what to add and include it clearly so that customers can understand it.

Details about pre rolls

On the custom printed pre roll boxes you should include information about the pre rolls which will help your customers decide whether they want the product.

The details that you include must be readable and should look attractive so that shoppers will want to read them.

You can tell what the product is, how to use and store it, etc.

Right colors and fonts

It is important that the packaging be eye-catching. The colors should be such that they complement as well as enhance the look for the pre rolls.

You may find it helpful checking out color psychology because you will get to know what the different colors mean. For example if you want to give the image of nature you can include colors like green or brown on the box.

Select a typeface which is distinctive yet readable. It should work effectively with your product’s logo. You may want to think ahead and plan graphics which will work with different items in your product line.

Be totally honest

It is important that what is shown on the outside of the box should match what product is inside. If you do not do this, you can lose customers.

The graphics must be appealing but you need to match your buyers’ expectations. They should not be disappointed when they open the box.

Any information that you include on the box should even be truthful. The images should be high-resolution ones which match what the product is. Pre roll boxes wholesale should be able to showcase your pre rolls and protect them as well. If you can do this, you can get the attention of potential customers who will want to try out your product. You need to be able to stand out in front of the competition so that potential customers can notice your pre rolls and think about buying them. The product must also be kept safe from harm so that customers should know that your product is one worth buying. Your packaging should also let people know about your brand and you can do this by including a brand logo on the box.


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