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Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine that centers on the spine and how it connects to the body. A chiropractor is an expert in the treatment and diagnosis of the neuro-muscular-skeletal system. Any conditions affecting these areas (e.g. low back pain, neck pain, migraines/headaches, sciatica, or herniated discs) are treated by optimizing and restoring the function of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, leading to improved quality of life – pain free.



Chiropractors are experts in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Dysfunction of our joints cause impingement of the nervous system leading to altered soft tissue and muscle function. The combination of these leads to poor posture, tight muscles, and chronic pain. Chiropractic care optimizes joint mobility, posture, and proper nervous system firing to provide both prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances. This in turn provides improved athletic performance, reduce/eliminate everyday aches and pains, and gives you back the body that can keep up with your life.

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The number one reason for chiropractic visits is to treat “bad posture”. Poor posture doesn’t happen instantly, it often takes several years to start bothering you “all of a sudden” . Postural strain is frequently a contributor to neck & back discomfort, headaches, and shoulder complications. Preventative chiropractic care can interrupt this and stop the pain patterns from forming. What this means is that you will only have to treat 1 – 2x per month, rather than getting weekly treatments for 1 – 2 months.


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