The oilfield service and rentals industry is a tough one, with daily challenges for operations and rental fleet managers. Keeping track of assets for deployment, analyzing the rental fleet and workforce utilization, staying up to date on field activities and customer service requests, scheduling services and communicating with field operators, and instant communication with purchasing, sales, maintenance, finance, and other departments can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is a solution that can make the job easier: Operations management software.


Simplifying Daily Operations with Management Software

With an operations management software in place, managing inventory becomes easy. You can keep track of each piece of equipment, know whether it is available, deployed, or needs maintenance or repair. This software also allows you to create electronic field tickets, schedule and dispatch jobs, track time, and much more.

The Benefits of RigER: Oilfield Services ERP

RigER is an oilfield services ERP that can help you simplify your daily operations. It offers a range of features that include equipment rentals, field services, mobile oilfield, dispatching and scheduling, subrental, reserves and backups, maintenance, business analytics, and job costing. With RigER, you can track equipment availability and locations, calculate rental days, manage inspections and repairs, use field tickets with job time tracking, streamline your operations from quoting to invoicing, and prepare quotes, generate field tickets, access service history, and sign documents from a mobile device. You can also see the availability of assets, schedule and manage jobs, dispatch them to field technicians, rent-in pieces of equipment from different vendors, add those to your inventory, and rent them out to clients. Furthermore, you can reserve equipment for a specific job and assign backup rental units to ensure uninterrupted service, track equipment maintenance records, schedule preventative maintenance, use reports and dashboards to empower decision making, efficiency analyses, cost optimization, and see operation results per each job, analyze profitability, and define the most profitable services.


Oilfield operations management software can help you simplify your daily operations and make your job easier. With RigER: Oilfield Services ERP, you can streamline your operations, track equipment and inventory, schedule and dispatch jobs, manage field tickets, and much more. Book a demo today and see how RigER can help you simplify your operations and achieve digital transformation.


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