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Are you looking to enhance your career in cloud computing and become a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate? The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is an important step towards achieving this goal. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the AZ-104 exam and how to prepare for it effectively.



The field of cloud computing is rapidly growing, and Microsoft Azure is one of the leading platforms in this domain. The Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification validates your expertise in managing and implementing Azure solutions. It demonstrates your ability to perform various administrative tasks, including collecting identities, storage, computing resources, virtual networking, and more.

Overview of the Microsoft AZ-104 exam

The AZ-104 exam dumps or the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam measures your skills and knowledge in implementing, managing, and monitoring Azure resources. It covers various domains that are essential for a successful Azure administrator. Passing this exam can prove your proficiency and gain recognition as a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate.

Benefits of Becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Achieving the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances your professional credibility and opens up new career opportunities in cloud computing. Azure is widely adopted by organizations worldwide, and having this certification can make you a valuable asset in the job market. Additionally, the certificate provides access to exclusive resources and community forums, enabling you to stay updated with the latest advancements in Azure.

Understanding the exam structure and objectives

Before diving into exam preparation, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the structure and objectives of the AZ-104 exam. This will help you align your study plan and focus on the areas that require more attention. The exam consists of various domains, each covering specific topics related to Azure administration. Let’s explore the key habitats and their objectives:

Manage Azure identities and governance.

This domain manages Azure Active Directory, users, groups, and policies. It includes creating and managing Azure AD objects, configuring password writeback, implementing multi-factor authentication, and more.

Implement and manage storage.

You will learn about different Azure storage services and their usage scenarios in this domain. It covers topics like configuring storage accounts, managing access keys, implementing Azure Blob storage, Azure Files, Azure managed disks, and Azure Backup.

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources.

Here, you’ll explore various aspects of deploying and managing Azure virtual machines (VMs) and machine scale sets. The domain covers creating VMs, configuring high availability, implementing Azure Container Instances, managing VM backups, and more.

Configure and manage virtual networking

Networking is a crucial aspect of any cloud infrastructure. This domain focuses on creating and configuring virtual networks, implementing Azure VPN Gateway, configuring Azure DNS, securing network traffic, and monitoring network resources.

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Monitor and back up Azure resources.

You’ll learn how to monitor Azure resources using various tools and services in this domain. It covers implementing Azure Monitor, configuring diagnostic settings, creating alerts, backing up and restoring data, and managing resource groups.

Secure Azure resources and data

Security is of paramount importance in any cloud environment. This domain covers security-related topics such as implementing Azure AD authentication, managing role-based access control (RBAC), configuring security policies, implementing Azure Key Vault, and securing virtual networks.

Preparing for the AZ-104 exam

To maximize your chances of success in the AZ-104 exam, it’s essential to have a well-structured study plan and utilize appropriate resources. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

Understand the exam objectives: Familiarize yourself with the domains and topics covered in the exam to create a targeted study plan.

Leverage official Microsoft documentation: Microsoft provides comprehensive documentation and learning paths for each domain. Utilize these resources to gain in-depth knowledge.

Practice with hands-on labs: Azure offers free trial accounts and hands-on labs that allow you to gain practical experience with different Azure services and features.

Take practice exams: Practice exams are a valuable resource to assess your knowledge and identify improvement areas.

Join study groups or forums: Engage with other aspiring Azure administrators to share knowledge, ask questions, and learn from their experiences.

Study resources and practice materials

To supplement your exam preparation, here are some recommended study resources and practice materials:

Official Microsoft Learning Paths: Microsoft offers comprehensive learning paths for each domain of the AZ-104 exam on its official website.

Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Learn provides interactive modules and learning paths specifically designed for Azure certifications.

Third-party practice exams: Utilize practice exams from reliable sources like Dumpscompany to assess your knowledge and get familiar with the exam format.

Documentation and whitepapers: Refer to official Microsoft documentation and whitepapers for detailed information on various Azure services and features.

Tips and strategies for exam success

When taking the AZ-104 exam, it’s crucial to have a solid exam strategy in place. Here are some tips to help you perform your best:

Read the questions carefully: Take your time to understand each question and its requirements before selecting an answer.

Manage your time: Allocate sufficient time to each question, ensuring you complete the exam within the given timeframe.

Eliminate incorrect options: If you need clarification on the correct answer, try eliminating obviously incorrect options to improve your chances of selecting the right one.

Flag difficult questions: If you encounter a challenging question, flag it and move on. You can revisit flagged questions later with a fresh perspective.

Review your answers: Once you’ve completed the exam, review them before submitting them. Look for any mistakes or omissions.

Exploring the exam topics

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of the exam, let’s briefly explore each domain and its subtopics:

Manage Azure identities and governance.

Creating and configuring Azure Active Directory objects

Managing user accounts and groups

Configuring password writeback and self-service password reset

Implementing multi-factor authentication

Implement and manage storage.

Configuring storage accounts and access keys

Implementing Azure Blob storage and Azure Files

Managing Azure-managed disks and Azure Backup

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources.

Creating and configuring virtual machines (VMs)

Implementing high availability and scalability with VM scale sets

Managing VM backups and Azure Container Instances

Configure and manage virtual networking

Creating and configuring virtual networks

Implementing Azure VPN Gateway and Azure DNS

Securing network traffic and monitoring network resources

Monitor and back up Azure resources.

Implementing Azure Monitor and diagnostic settings

Creating and managing alerts

Backing up and restoring data

Managing resource groups

Secure Azure resources and data

Implementing Azure AD authentication and RBAC

Configuring security policies and network security groups

Implementing Azure Key Vault and securing virtual networks


The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is a gateway to becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate. By passing this exam, you effectively validate your expertise in managing Azure resources. You can increase your chances of exam success with a well-structured study plan, utilizing appropriate resources, and implementing effective exam strategies.

Start your journey towards becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate today and unlock exciting career opportunities in cloud computing!


Is the Microsoft AZ-104 exam difficult?

The difficulty level of the AZ-104 exam varies from person to person. However, with proper preparation and hands-on experience with Azure, you can increase your chances of success.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the AZ-104 exam?

No, there are no specific prerequisites for the AZ-104 exam. However, having basic knowledge of Azure concepts and experience with Azure services will be beneficial.

How long is the AZ-104 exam?

The AZ-104 exam consists of approximately 40-60 questions and has a time limit of 150 minutes.

What happens if I fail the AZ-104 exam?

In case of failure, you can retake the exam after a waiting period of 24 hours. However, it’s recommended to analyze your performance, identify areas of improvement, and prepare thoroughly before retaking the exam.

Is the AZ-104 certification valid for a lifetime?

No, the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification is valid for two years. You must pass a renewal exam or complete specific continuing education requirements to maintain your certificate.


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