best cbse schools in Dubai
best cbse schools in Dubai

Dubai is a country with a huge Indian expatriate population. Most of them are working professionals who have moved there with their families. They look for the best schools in Dubai for their children that follow the Indian curriculum. 


They want to enrol their children into the best cbse schools in Dubai so that they get global exposure but stay connected to their roots. 

The Indian schools work to infuse moral values in the children, giving them a thorough awareness of both cultures. Moreover, there are international Indian schools that have set a benchmark in quality education and have all the amenities required for the holistic development of a child. So if you are also an Indian expatriate in Dubai looking for the best school for your child, we got you covered. 

List of top 10 best Indian schools in Dubai

The Global Indian International School

GIIS has a global presence and understands the desire of parents to send their children to an Indian school in a foreign country. They create a perfect amalgamation of Indian values and global exposure, standing tall on all expectations. 

The Indian Academy

As the name signifies, it is the best international schools Dubai that caters to local and Indian expatriate students. It follows the CBSE curriculum and adopts the latest teaching methodologies to provide quality education and keep children closer to their roots.

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Modern Academy needs no introduction. It is one of the best academies where Indian parents choose to enrol their children. They educate children from primary to senior secondary level, and their academic records speak a lot about their excellence. 

Ambassador School

It is another school that trains students to face international competition while keeping the Indian moral values intact. Moreover, they also create awareness about the local culture so that the child learns to respect all and adapt well to the new place. 

Amity School

Amity is a renowned name in the educational industry with several schools and colleges around the globe. Their international school in Dubai has kept its credibility intact and caters to the expectations of the expatriate parents. It is a preferred choice amongst the locals, so the harmony and cultural diversity are exceptional. 

JSS Private School

It is a co-educational day school providing quality education to children from kindergarten to the senior secondary level. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and adopts all the latest teaching methodologies preparing children for a fruitful future.

The Indian High School

It is the first and the longest-running Indian International School in the Gulf, teaching children from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. They have a CBSE affiliation, and their strategic syllabus and curriculum help them stand tall on the expectations of every parent. 

Buds Public School

The school works with a vision to prepare students for professional success and emphasize personal development. They teach skills and habits that help in every walk of life, helping them become future leaders. Check the academic records of Buds Public School, and you will not want to look further.

Springdales School

It is one of the distinguished Indian schools in Dubai that grew leaps and bounds in the shortest time. It has various awards and accolades to its name for the way they train children to adapt to any situation and society smoothly. 

Delhi Private School

The name itself says that it is an Indian International school in Dubai. It focuses on encouraging intellectual curiosity and skill-building in children. The environment, amenities, and educational quality at school are exceptional and something that every parent would want.

There are countless Indian international schools in Dubai, but choosing one from the list above is ideal. You can skip the daunting research task and only explore the options listed above to find the best school. Take this decision wisely, as it directly impacts your child’s life.

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