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Fantasy sports is a strategy-based online sports game in which you have to build up a virtual squad from the real life players. You have to gain points based on how well these players perform in real life matches. The ultimate goal is to select the top 11 players from the teams that are competing against each other and outscore your opponents. 


For Indian fans, cricket is like an emotion to them! Fantasy Dangal is a fantasy cricket app with amazing features and enticing cash contests for every type of users online. There are plethora of tournaments, contests and games happening on the app for the daily cricket sessions. 

It is a game of skills, requiring strong analytical and forecasting abilities. You will be able to gather the knowledge you need to overcome the odds and win the game if you have a solid understanding of the cricket game. Get your research and analysis done, competing against gamers from all around the country and earning substantial financial awards has never been this easy-peasy! 

Steps for how to play Fantasy Cricket

Here are the certain steps to enjoy the fantasy cricket on any new fantasy cricket app. You need to have a look at them and get going with the same. 

Choose the match

There would be a list of all the upcoming matches from the current or future series. You can participate in any of the contests and would be offers by a variety of them. Based on your knowledge, you can enter any contest and win some really exciting cash prizes with the same. 

Choose the players for your team

Once you have decided the contest to participate, you will be sent to a page where you need to choose the team players with the available 100 credits. Create your team with those credits using your own expertise and cricket skills. 

Register and save your team

Here you can also make some modifications to your teams as you want until the deadline of registration of the team. That is how it works for the users to maintain their best squads on any new fantasy cricket app online. 

Analyse pitch performance

There is a different pitch for every match and it plays a very crucial role in choosing the right type of players for the team. Every pitch is drastically different from one another and players could have a dependency on such factors. So, you need to choose the team accordingly for your own benefit. 

Player’s past performances

There are preconceived notions about a player but it is not necessary that all of them would be true. When you are making up the team you should research about each and every player and understand their form of playing. You should not just abruptly make the call and make your team! This could be dangerous for your own team and might end losing some points as well. So, always have a look first on all the past performances and then choose accordingly. 

Extra bonus points

The player can earn extra points for catches, stumpings and run-outs as well. You need to keep an eye on players who are performing well on the field. You can get extra bonus points with the captain and vice-captain as well. 

So, whenever making up the team on the fantasy cricket app, you should take care of the fact that there is a well-proven captain and vice-captain. 

Try to choose batsmen that belong to the top of the order

If two teams are participating, you need to aim to include as many top-order batters as convenient in the line-up. The reason is that top-order batters face more balls, and also make more runs with limited opportunities for middle-order batsmen. Also, to maximise the chances of scoring more points than expected, choose players in the first four spots. 

Play on the Fantasy Dangal app for the best-ever cash prizes and rewards like never before. You have the chance to show off the skills and withdraw your winnings with the knowledge you gained. Isn’t this amazing? Be a part of a match so closely and have the chance to bag your own winnings with the same. 

If you are a new user to the fantasy world, it would not even matter and you can still learn new things with the pro players out there! Register your account and get to know more about the same. 

This is the best thing about the Fantasy Dangal app! Play, win and withdraw within seconds to have your winnings on the app. Get them transferred in your bank account within seconds. The app is really lucrative for everyone and help them win big with their skills. So, get started with the feasible cash contests and take your winnings back home. 

Download the app now.


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