Indian High School in Abu Dhabi With The Best Academic Curriculum and Facilities

When you relocate to a new country or city, one of your primary concerns is your child’s education. In such a case, it is critical to identify a single good school that meets all of your educational and personal preferences. Schools in Abu Dhabi have improved remarkably in terms of educational quality, academic curricula, and facilities. As a result, most parents find it easy to locate a private International English School in Abu Dhabi.


However, it is also critical that the institution provides a reasonably priced school fee that does not deplete your savings. The Global Indian International School is one such school that meets all of the above criteria. Known popularly as GIIS, the school has a presence in most Asian countries and is under the aegis of the Global Schools Foundation which is known for its excellent schools and award-winning pedagogies.

Top facilities and Academic Curriculum offered in the best Indian High School in Abu Dhabi

GIIS offers the renowned CBSE curriculum,, to help students develop into holistic individuals and prepare them for the challenging times ahead. It is also backed by the 9GEMS framework which adapts the 9 GEMS of education in order to foster a wholesome learning and development process in every child.

Outstanding Faculty

The Faculty at GIIS are carefully chosen for their vast experience in teaching 21st-century skills that will aid students to handle a tech-based environment with ease. The teachers have the right academic credentials that enable them to pass on their knowledge in a way that can be easily grasped by Indian High School children.

Ultra-Modern Facilities

Their Indian High School campus in Abu Dhabi is spread across 191,435 sq. ft and the classrooms are equipped with smart boards and the latest in technology to ensure children are learning according to the needs of the 21st century. There are skill labs, libraries, and state-of-the-art playgrounds that allow children to indulge in their strengths and learn new skills in a highly engaging environment.

Safety and Security

The campus is powered by the latest technology to imbibe the best safety measures

and there are hundreds of CCTV cameras that enable the security personnel to keep a watchful eye on all the activities in the school.

Co-Curricular activities and Extracurricular activities

The same amount of importance is given to Co-curricular activities and Extracurricular activities as it is shown to academic endeavors. GIIS believes that every student possesses an innate gift and talent and as educators, schools should encourage students

to hone their skills further and also explore new areas of interest. The many creative and sports activities keep students on their toes and bring a sense of personal accomplishment to them.

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To Conclude

If you are looking for a Private International English School in Abu Dhabi that will pave the way for your child toward a bright future, then you should certainly explore the Global Indian International School. Visit their website and take an appointment to visit their high-tech campus before you make a decision.


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