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For a child to have the best growth in their career, it is essential that they have proper speech therapy. Speech therapy passively helps in developing other skills and goals along with conversational skills. It enriches one’s speaking ability and makes a child well equipped and smarter, both mentally as well as physically.


Often children stutter while talking in some stages of life. Stuttering speech therapy is essential to make the child come out of that zone and focus towards a bright career. This article will let you know about some of the best strategies with respect to speech therapy that you can provide to your child.

  1.  Make your children follow their goals.

One of the primary techniques in speech therapy is to ensure your children are following the goals that they have set for themselves. As we know, practice makes one perfect. Before and after every session that you conduct with your children, you should religiously ensure that they speak out their goals at least once.

  1. Make a recording of the session with your child.

Secondly, another important methodology is you make a recording of your entire session with your child. Try to capture the minute intricacies, namely, the words and action of the child throughout the session, how they respond to your questions, etc. Also, get the part recorded at the start and end of the session where they utter their goals. Later, for effective speech therapy for stuttering, you can show them their videos. They will see and get to know the minor details about speech therapy. Try holding a session everyday like this where you record what the child says and thereby show it to the child. It is a good self improvement strategy.

  1. Buy educational toys for your children.

Another technique to improve speech therapy for stuttering is to buy your children certain educational toys. It may be a set of blocks with alphabets marked on them. All you need to do is teach them to arrange those blocks in alphabetical order, thereby reading each and every letter loudly.  Or you can simply buy a white board, use a marker to write certain words on it, and teach your children how to pronounce those words properly.

  1. Language expansion

Language expansion is another key methodology under speech therapy.  You should look not to settle for short words, and instead use longer phrases for communicating with children. This technique will decrease their stuttering issue and thereby make them capable enough to communicate freely for a prolonged period of time. However, this is not an overnight process. You need to practice it for months for the basics of your children to develop.

  1. Use more compensatory strategies

Using more and more compensatory strategies is a key tool to develop speech therapy. These strategies can be anything. It can be by gestures: make a gesture to your child repeatedly over days for them to understand. It can be by signs: make certain hand signs to decode certain modes of actions. Keep repeating it for days, until they understand what a particular sign is supposed to denote. Have a vocabulary list for them to work on the things they struggle while saying the most. Be it a verb, a phrase or a complete sentence, always focus on getting the basic rights.

  1. Head movements in the form of yes/no

One of the basic strategies to improve speech therapy is head movements in the form of yes or no.  Ask them certain questions which can be answered in yes or no. This will increase their basic sense as well as awareness. This will develop the power of your children to understand how to react to which situation. For example, you ask them the question- “Did you drink water after waking up in the morning?” And they answer no. You will let them know that it is good for your health to drink water every day after waking up, and the answer to this question should always be yes.

  1. Keep things that the children want out of their reach. 

This is a very interesting and effective strategy to improve speech therapy. All kids want to play around with toys or several other things. All you need to do is keep them out of their reach. Once you keep those materials out of their reach, they will ask you to get them for you. This will increase the probability of you having conversations with the children. This will also enable them to speak more. The more they speak, the more their stuttering speech therapy improves.

  1. Make sure the child needs your help

Do certain activities that compel the child to take your help. For example, you give them a plate at the time of eating, but you do not put food on it. This will lead to the children looking to speak more to you, to get what they want. 

Once you follow all these strategies, you can witness your child get out of the zone of stuttering speech therapy. Your child will reach great heights in their career and life if they follow the above. 


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