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The living room is the relaxing space of your home where you can have fun with your family and friends. The living room witnesses it all, be it a pajama party for your kids, a horror night with your girls, or a game night with your men. A place where you spend considerable time and create unforgettable memories should be warm, inviting, and spacious.


Here are some ideas from the experts on interior design and furnishings in San Diego to aid you in your mission of furnishing your living room in the best possible way, which shows off your home decoration skills and makes your place looks warm and classy at the same time.

Splash Some Colors

How do you like your space? Are you a minimalist, or do you have a knack for some hot colors? If you are a minimalist, you can still paint your living room in soothing, warm colors that look exquisite. Sky blue, Peach, pale Yellow, faded Lavender, light grey, soft pistachio, etc. Believe it, but when you try and see the different minimalist colors available, your mind will be blown. The options are thousands.

If you are artistic and like bold colors, then again, you will find it extremely hard to choose one. White paired with a navy blue or deep turquoise will steal the limelight. A dark maroon wall goes well with white. If you want your living room to feel like a den, dark green is your color.

So, the first step is to choose the color for your living room.

Give Walls the Much-Needed Attention

In most cases, people are so engrossed in shopping for living room items that they forget the walls that need the same attention. Remember, every corner of your living room is important.

So, what do you think about a feature wall? A feature wall shows off its unique feature; for example, it can be a textured wall or a wall with an abstract design. You can choose what you think matches your mood and style. In most cases, feature walls are simply the ones that are painted in a dark, distinct color, but you can do so much more than that. For example, a wooden wall with a zigzag pattern will add a natural tone to your living space. A black wall with a checkered glossy pattern will make your room look classy and elegant. If you are into flora and fauna, a floral wall pattern or a large flower mural symbolizing you is a great idea.

Make Room for Light

It is a statement that has been asserted million times already. Let the light flood your space. A dark living room can be creepy, especially when you want to unwind.

So, do you have a window in your living room? If yes, very well. If not, it is time for an overhaul. Then again, you have options. For example, if your living room opens to your lawn, a large floor-to-ceiling window with French doors and a balcony will add a beautiful touch.

If your living room opens to your neighbor’s kitchen window, you can opt for a large window, some beautiful curtains, and flower pots on the window sill. Oh, and do not forget some silky curtains. They complete your windows.

This step will allow the much-needed light to flood your living room and make it look more spacious.


This step is often skipped but is a very important part of designing the living room. The interior design and furnishing experts in San Diego say that you must choose the flooring type depending on your family members. Whether you are a dog or cat person, you must choose the flooring that will last long enough, even after your dog’s stubbornness to dig it out.

Carpeting the floor is a good choice. Nylon carpets are a good choice for households with pets. You wouldn’t want your dog to pee on the hardwood floor after the money you spent on it, right? Wool carpet is also the right choice.

For households without pets, you can choose anything you like as long as it goes with the interior.

Furniture Arrangement

A large sofa against the far wall with two couches around it and a coffee table in the middle is an outdated arrangement. Furniture should be arranged in a way that stimulates conversation and not one which makes people sit in their corners.

Furniture arrangement depends a lot on your living room size. If you live alone, then two-three large, comfy couch chairs pointed to the fireplace or the lawn with a small coffee table in the middle is a good arrangement. For a large family, a large L-shaped sofa, paired with an open kitchen, will allow you to entertain your friends while you cook. But first, look around the size of the room and then decide what will make it look best.

Add Personal Touch

You arranged the living room in the previous steps, but this step requires you to add a personal touch, which will flaunt that it is “your” place. What about that favorite painting of yours you always wanted to show off? It is time to find a place for it on the accent wall. Family pictures can complete the accent wall if you are not a TV person. The idea is to finish the furnishing with something that screams you. It is your home, after all.


It is often said that you should decorate your home as you wish, but many people end up overdoing it. Everything thrown into the living room, from rugs to numerous pillows and piano to the mirror art, looks like a storm passed by.

But this guide will help you keep yourself in check so you do your best. Read these tips from the interior design and furnishing experts in San Diego and transform your living room.

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