Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon expansion from Forbidden West to Burning Shores has been a mix of high-octane action in an elevated sci-fi story. The Burning Shores are post-apocalyptic Los Angeles which the creators have designed beautifully.


Horizon Forbidden West was a big game; therefore, the user might sometimes experience fatigue. The fatigue feeling can be similar to Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. However, when playing the first game, if you were excited and enjoyed the game, then you will be waiting to try the Burning Shores.

Compared to the main map of the San Francisco area, the battleground in Horizon Forbidden West, Los Angeles is an approximately four times bigger archipelago. As a player, you are Aloy, whom Sylens guide, who informs of the past development.

At one point in time, the world of Burning Shores feels too overwhelming due to its wide expanse and never-ending terrain. There is a similarity with Horizon Forbidden West, such as the water and the sand. One added physical feature of the Burning Shore is its flowing lava.

There is the background music of Horizon combat which is fascinating.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Review  

The placement and gameplay of the Burning Shores will significantly inspire you. You can also feel tired or bored if you try to attempt Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores consecutively.

MetaCritic has significantly evolved with its expansion of Horizon Forbidden West. The Burning Shores are downloadable content that you can play on PS5. Critics have received it well initially. It is quite frustrating that Guerrilla has decided only to publish it on PS5, making it difficult for others to join in.

Aloy is the protagonist of the game franchise that was launched in 2017. She is an orphaned female with flame-colored hair undergoing self-discovery as she battles robot dinosaurs and villains.

As a DLC, it is of good quality and has been further elevated than the first game. Yet the inaccessible nature of the game in other PlayStations except 5 raises some eyebrows.

The Setting Of The Game  

The post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is largely flooded while skyscrapers emerge from water masses. Pockets of islands are out of the ocean, while the Hollywood sign is higher up in the ground. Bushes, trees, and plants cover it, giving it a nature-reclaimed look.

The setting resembles the Horizon games, and it plays a significant character in the complete gameplay. In the gameplay, Seyka and Aloy are investigating Londra, and it is through the picturesque setting of larger landmasses they travel.

The Storyline  

In the battle against the Zeniths, one of the villains has escaped and fled to LA. Walter Londra is a playboy industrialist who has developed a deadly tower on the burning shores, thus, locking down the area. Aloy cannot approach this tower with her flying mount.

The locking down of the place has also stranded a bunch of Quen marines. One of these Quen marines, Seyka, is a major character added to this game. She is an outcast in her military, and Aloy can introspect herself in Seyka as they start to know each other more. Racing is a good part.

One different aspect identified in Burning Shores is that in the previous play, all of the allies of Aloy were aware of the impending threat alongside her. Here, however, Aloy ignores telling Seyka about Nemesis, a dynamic that can potentially influence their future relationship.

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The Available Weapons And The Action  

Burning Shore follows the campaign in Horizon Forbidden West; hence, mostly all weapons and machines are the same. Even if you play the game for a long time, it will take some time for you to get used to it. A good thing that there were prompts for some of the less-common tools.

One of the tools is a Pull-caster that you can use to climb a wall. A machine can also fire metal posts, an important new traversal tool. The player can use it in creating their hand holdings for climbing, even though you can only apply it once. Another machine is the Water-Wing.

In this game, you can also access the armor and new weapons at the shops set up by the Quen. The new weapons traded with a rare new resource; therefore, as you progress in the game, you must collect the new resource. You need to pick apart a robot for that.

These weapons are significantly more powerful than other weapons across both games. They also feel different because of the change in the settings. Only two specific weapons are available for hunting, such as the Bilegut, which looks like a toad, and the tiny swarming Stingpawn.

Review Bombing  

Significant negative reviews have been about the ending of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. Guerrilla games reviewed and bombed where fans are making homophobic, sexist, and racist comments to users.

The issue arises concerning the sexual orientation of Aloy because at the end of the game, if the players choose to, they can bring the two characters, Aloy and Seyka, to kiss. The internet is going wild with outrage when responding to how the makers have specifically identified a sexual preference for Aloy.

The narrative director of Guerrilla Games informs that they are receptive to fan reviews if it is based on something significantly related to characters, mystery, set of challenges, and others.

However, sexual orientation is not an aspect that one needs to broach when it is based on rampant homophobia and negativity. Another significant issue highlighted by critics and reviewers is that it is not accessible on PS4. Hence, that is another down point of the game.


As you learn about the shortcomings of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, clearly these are minute factors that do not matter more than the feature and actions. If you play the two games with a period gap, you will surely enjoy it immensely. Apart from the listed factors, comment below if you have any other feedback on the game.


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