Flabby Arms

Do you feel ashamed because of your flabby arms? You cannot wear your favorite tank? Keep reading this article to learn about ways to lose arm fat through activities and exercises that will help you get perfectly toned arms.


Flabby arms can result from many conditions, such as excessive fat accumulation, old age, weight loss, and lifestyle change. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, this article will help you analyze and understand the reasons behind it. Keep reading the article to know how to lose flabby arms by implementing appropriate targeted exercises and training.

Exercises For Flabby Arms

Fat accumulation is one of the main reasons you have flabby arms. At times, excessive loss of fat also creates flabby arms making it difficult for you to understand how to lose arm fat.

To learn that, you first need to know why you have flabby arms so that you can implement the right exercise and training activities to get toned arms.

Diets are not specifically designed for arms; however, adding protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables to your diet will give you a good body build and shape. Exercises and training are more specific in identifying your issue and focus on acquiring toned arms by losing fat. The following activities are efficient in losing fat, building muscles, and toning your arms.


Push-Ups are one of the most effective exercises because they are great for measuring the strength of muscles. Hence, to strengthen your triceps muscle, Push-Ups will help you, but you have to do it right. Your arms and chest will benefit from Push-Ups. Therefore, you should put your hand perpendicularly to your shoulder at chest level.

Your feet should be parallel with each other and hip-width apart, which will help you maintain a line between your shoulders, hips, and lower back.

You start lowering your body, aligning it at a 90-degree angle, and pulling up, thus, repeating it 20 to 30 times.

The Windmill

The windmill exercise will help you strengthen your core muscles and increase arm flexibility. You will focus on your shoulders, biceps, and triceps through this exercise as it helps build strength in the powers of the neck, arms, and shoulders.

It would be best if you raised your arms parallel to the ground at shoulder level and then raised them further up, thus, rotating them. The motion should resemble the movement of a windmill at 360 degrees, which you should be repeating at least 20 times. Your hands will turn forward and backward so you can work on one side of the body at a time. 

Dolphin Pose

If you find Push-Ups difficult to perform, the Dolphin pose might help you ton your arm muscles because it strengthens the muscles in the arms and the shoulder region. The movement you will do in this exercise is based on plank position and downward facing dog.

The two benefits you will receive from this exercise are that your arms and shoulders will be gain strength, and it activates the arches of the feet. You can acquire the balance necessary for doing a headstand from this exercise.

It would help to start by bending and touching the mat with your forearm. Keeping your legs and toes straight, press the heels to the mat. Now try to bend your knee and touch your forehead to the carpet while maintaining a straight spine. Hold this position for six breaths and then return to the prior position.

Side Plank

It would be best to start this exercise by lying on one side of the ground and extending your legs. Put your hands underneath the shoulder on the ground while your fingers point away. It will eliminate the flabbiness in your arms by strengthening your shoulders, wrists, and arms.

Common mistakes that you can make in this exercise are locking your elbows and sinking your shoulders. The whole purpose of this exercise is to tone your arm and lose fat, maintaining the body straight. You must change position once you have held on for as long as you can and repeat the process.

Lifting Weights  

If you want to have toned arms, lifting weights is a significant step towards improving your posture and reducing fat in the body. Arms and shoulders benefit from this exercise because it helps gain lean muscle mass and improves muscle strength.

You will benefit from lifting weights as it will tone your arms; however, lifting weights does help your overall body to gain strength. Your joints will be in a better condition if you regularly lift weights. Enjoy your workouts while playing games in Snokido.

Triceps Dips  

Flabby arms can result from different conditions; therefore, gaining core strength through this exercise will improve your arm strength. This exercise is important due to the absence of proper triceps maneuvers that result in flabby arms.

It would help if you started by putting your hands on the edge of a surface where the palms will be down and your fingers will face forward. Your arms must be straight while you stick out your legs, thus, lowering your body at a 90-degree angle.

You should perform this exercise at least 8 times per set, and to get better results, you must complete 2 to 3 sets.


We are sure it will work wonders if you can actively implement some of these exercises along with a healthy diet. If you want to tone your arms and gain strength quickly, and you can wear your favorite tank top, this is a must try!

We hope we have successfully helped identify some of the best exercises for you to perform and reap the benefits. Do let us know in the comments about your daily.


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