With Euro 6, the latest emission standard, diesel engines have a tough road ahead. However, you might get your vehicle serviced at a nearest workshop of Service MY Car.


Though, diesel cars have the infamous reputation of being releasing more harmful particles than petrol cars. However, manufacturers are continuing to produce diesel with more improvised technology without hesitation.

If you are really keen to understand the preference of diesel vehicles over petrol vehicles, look at these points.

Besides, it poses a serious threat if any transmission problem occurs at the time of driving. However, automatic transmissions need more care than their manual counterparts. As automatic transmission needs a proper fluid level and an intact torque converter to determine proper gears, you cannot afford even the tiniest of problems.

Diesel engines are always easier on your wallet in terms of fuel


Diesel engines are always more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, thanks to advances in engine technology. Diesel engines usually burn fuel due to high compression rather than ignition.

Besides, the diesel engine has fewer demands in terms of maintenance. A diesel car usually runs longer in between two services. Aside from that, because the diesel engine operates at high compression, its components are stronger to withstand the load.

Furthermore, diesel engines have lubricating properties that provide additional lubrication to internal components. All these factors play a considerable role in the servicing requirements of a diesel engine.

These qualities cause a diesel car to depreciate at a slower rate than a petrol car. Service My Car helps owners maintain their diesel cars by offering car engine repair under the observation of an expert. Service My Car not only provides car engine repair but also provides car service, car battery replacement, car oil change, car wash service, car ac repair, and maintenance services. In case, you are looking for a trusted car garage for car wash, we would like to suggest you Service My Car, the best and trusted car workshop in the town.

Diesel vehicles are more powerful than gasoline vehicles


A diesel car would be a great choice for people who prefer powerful vehicles. These machines generate more torque and can carry heavier loads. However, you won’t go through such problems unless you neglect routine maintenance on your car. Otherwise, an engine overhaul could only bail you out.

They are different while running at high speeds as well as exhibiting different levels of towing capacity. A diesel car is a good choice if you want a powerful and long-lasting vehicle.

A cylinder replacement is quite an expensive repair and requires expertise. Service My car has a pool of expert mechanics for such complex repairs. Here, you just need to visit the nearest workshop as soon as possible.Just like the engine, the transmission system is also at risk due to a lack of regular maintenance. If there is not a fully functioning transmission, it is hard to move for your car as it should.

Diesel car maintenance is more expensive, but it is worthwhile


A diesel car may have higher maintenance expenditures, but this money does not go to waste. As a result, frequent spark plugs replacement or, more specifically, ignition tune-ups would be unnecessary.

The fuel injection system may malfunction and need pricey repairs. Get in touch with Service My Car for a diesel car service. As stated above, failure to be on schedule to carry out regular maintenance is not good for a vehicle’s health and a number of severe issues may arise in the future.

Without routine maintenance, there are many potential issues that could arise, as you can see, and the consequences could be very costly. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you perform maintenance tasks right away to avoid having to pay out hefty amount.

Diesel cars offers better resale value along with a cost-effective transportation


If you look at the cost of a diesel car, these automobiles come at a higher price than their counterparts.

The primary reason behind the high cost of a diesel car is its engine unit. Diesel engines are typically more expensive than petrol engines.Since the engine cylinder is a critical component under the hood. Poor car maintenance allows premature wear and tear of such a critical component. The primary reason would be a lack of lubrication and excess friction at inside walls.

Furthermore, the diesel engines run longer than usual, increasing the car’s resale value. However, you need someone that can provide quality service without being overly rated and expensive. Service My Car provides thorough service at incredibly affordable rates. It’s just a valuable investment that never goes in vain when your car serves you better than your expectations.

If you need any professional help in maintaining your vehicle, come to Service My Car. Here, you get all your car service and repair needs fulfilled under one roof. It just requires you to book a car service on our app. There is the option of ordering a car repair quote online.


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