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Road signs are a vital part of road safety all over the world. They are designed to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe on the roads. It is also vital when you get lost as they are easy to understand and quick to read. Before buying road signage in Australia, read this article to understand where you can use them.


Types of Road Signs in Australia

In Australia, the following three are the main categories of road signs:

  • Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are most important as they relate to distinct road rules. You can distinguish regulatory signs through its colour, as generally they feature in black or red text with a white background. Furthermore, if you do not obey these signs, you will be penalised or have your licence cancelled or suspended. Some of the common regulatory signs are:

  • School Zone

In Australia, the maximum speed limit in a school zone during peak hours is 40 km/h. However, there can be a few variations in some states.

  • Stop Signs

It means you must completely stop your car and give way to all traffic. The signs are designed on a board with white letters and a red background so you do not miss them.

  • Speed Signs

Speed limit road signs indicate the maximum speed you can drive your car in different areas. They are placed for everyone’s safety, and if you ignore them, it will result in heavy fines.

  • Warning Signs

Warning signs are placed in areas where you require extra caution as it warns you about an upcoming hazard or road condition which is dangerous for you. Warning signs are usually in black symbols or letters with a yellow background. The following are the two types of warning signs:

  • Permanent Warning Signs

These signs warn you about the upcoming conditions of the road. It consists of sharp turns, winding roads, wildlife and livestock warnings or other conditions.

  • Temporary Warning Signs

Temporary warning road signage in Australia alerts you of the temporary hazards. It might be due to road works, floods, crashes or other conditions.

  • Information Signs

These signs give you the information you require while driving like distances, road conditions and state highway numbers. They usually have a rectangular shape and vary in size and colour. The following are some of the information signs in Australia:

  • Speed Ahead

This sign indicates to you the speed change ahead and encourages you to slow down.

  • Guides and Route Markers

It indicates where you can exit freeways and highways. Route markers help in directing you to major driving routes like tourist drives or highways.

  • Low Clearance

This sign indicates the height available under a bridge or any other obstacle through which your car will pass.Staying safe on the roads is everyone’s responsibility. Play your part by obeying the road signage in Australia to make the road a safer place.


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