How is a good man? What is it about him that sets him apart from all other men? What are the things which he attracts everyone toward him? It is not that he impresses people with his personality, but there are many such good things in him, due to which people like him.


A good man for a woman is one who respects her and appreciates her from the heart. His similar behavior is set him apart from others. A man who gives respect to his life partner will give everyone respect.

Good people hold themselves to a standard of conduct in all walks of life and they treat everyone well. Good people are very firm in their tongue and live their life according to their principles.

A good man does not share personal matters of himself and his partner with anyone else. He keeps his personal things between the two and shares all his talks with his partner. A good man does not pressurize his life partner for anything.

Here are the 5 things of good men never do in a love relationship

1) A good man will never interfere with your personal space

Nothing should be hidden in any relationship, due to which there will be a rift in the relationship.

Even if you are not hiding anything in your relationship, still if the man is in a hurry to check your personal things, then he is not the right man. But a good man will never check your personal things, but whatever he needs to know, he will talk to you about it in front of you and will not doubt you about anything. He trusts you more than himself and thinks about you before thinking about himself.

2) A good man will never dishearten you any time 

The good man will never demotivate you but will support you in everything. You will never feel alone with him. The man who supports you at every step even in your bad times is the right man. A good person never changes with the situation, he remains neutral in every situation and always supports the right. Such a person likes to speak the right thing.

3) A good person will never ask you to prove your worth

A good man is always a kind and decent person who knows your worth. He always appreciates you and wants to see you grow.

If you have to prove your worth in your relationship, then that man is not worthy of you, such a relationship does not last long. A good man always gives equal status in the relationship and takes his relationship forward with the consent of both. He never considers you less than himself.

4) A good man will never cheat on you

A good man will never even think of cheating in a relationship because cheating means going back on his word and breaking the trust of the person he loves. Any excuse given for betrayal is not enough.

There are many arguments in the world regarding relationships. If both the people are not happy with a relationship, then if they separate with their mutual consent, then there is no point in that. Because without love and understanding, the relationship will not progress for long.

5) A good person will never make you feel like you are their second priority

For a good man, you will be his first priority, that person will never compare you with others, but he will accept you as you are. A good person will never try to change your personality.

A man must have his own personality. But in order to lead an active life, if a man thinks of bringing down the woman in his life, then it is a wrong thing. If a man looks down on you in front of anyone and your words are not having any effect on him, then this person is not right for you.

Planetary Position In Kundali

From the Kundali of a girl, you can also get information about her husband. If the 7th house is naturally strong, then it gives a husband masculine qualities. When the 7th house is devoid of strength then the husband of that girl is lazy. On the 7th, due to the influence of Mercury and Saturn, a soft-hearted husband is found. The presence of Sun in the seventh house is an arrogant husband. Saturn being in the seventh house gives a big husband in age. Jupiter in the 7th house gives an intelligent husband. If Jupiter is in the water sign in the seventh, then it is not considered good for marital happiness.


It makes sense that out of the billions of men in the world, only a handful are really charming. Male or female, we are all human after all, and that being said, we carry our other desirable qualities as well as flaws and mistakes. If you have any problem in your relationship then you can talk to our love marriage specialist astrologer and get the solution to your life problem.


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