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Switzerland is known for its luxury watches, mouth-watering chocolate, and majestic Alps. But she is also home to an array of spectacular music festivals. From picturesque lakes to mountainous landscapes, the setting is as diverse as the genres of music played.


Lets discover the incredible music festivals in Switzerland to tempt all the music-lovers out there this year.

Caprices Festival, Crans-Montana (29-31 March and 5-7 April)

Beginning at higher altitudes, one of the most unique music festivals in Switzerland is Caprices Festival. This unmissable event of the ski season is a must visit. Setting a new record in its 20th edition, Caprices is prepared to head into its third decade of music and mountain revelries. Sprawled across two spellbinding weekends, the festival takes place in the heart of Switzerland’s breathtaking Crans-Montana ski resort.

Performers to look forward to include.

  • Ben Klock,
  • Carlita,
  • 999999999 Live,
  • Âme,
  • ANOTR,
  • CamelPhat, and more.

Off-stage, endless winter sports, revitalizing spa and wellness centres, and delicious regional food experiences await.

Caprices offers more than a traditional music festival, complete with panoramic views across the Alp. If skiing isn’t your thing, there are ndless daytime adventures too. And of course, unforgettable musical memories, and soul-enriching experiences. In the world of music festivals in Switzerland, few can boast such a winning combination.

Paléo Festival, Nyon (22-28 July)

Spread over six days and encompassing more than 200 concerts and performances, Paléo Festival in Nyon is must visit. One more beacon on the Swiss music festival trail. Genres are diverse, including rock, pop, indie, world music, and even stand-up comedy.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive music festivals in Switzerland.

The festival’s layout resembles a mini city with stages, food stalls, art installations. Not to mention a ‘village’ where music cultures from around the world are spotlighted. Plus, its buoyant and vibrant ambiance makes it a firm favourite for music lovers of all ages.

visit music festivals in switzerland

Open Air St. Gallen, St. Gallen (27-30 June)

For those seeking an open-air experience, Open Air St. Gallen has remained a fixture on the summer calendar since 1977. Legendary for its uniquely warm and welcoming atmosphere, the festival seamlessly amalgamates indie, rock, alternative, and electronic music. It perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summer, promising muddy fun (if it rains) and a grand musical feast.

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux (4-19 July)

The prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, located by Lake Geneva, is not just about jazz anymore. The two-week extravaganza has evolved since its inception in 1967 to cover a broader spectrum of music genres while still priding an impeccable standard of performances.

With a picturesque lake setting and glorious Alpine backdrop, few music festivals in Switzerland can match the sheer visual grandeur of Montreux Jazz Festival. It hums with the acclaimed “Freak Out” parties that take place at the Montreux Jazz Club and the Music in the Park outdoor stage, which is free to visit.

Gurtenfestival, Bern (11–14 July)

Gurtenfestival offers a more intimate festival atmosphere. With its smaller capacity compared to the mega-events like Paléo and Open Air St. Gallen, you can experience both emerging and established artists in a close-knit space. Perched on Bern’s local mountain, Gurten, this festival caters to an eclectic mix of musical tastes and offers spectacular views of the city below.

Street Parade, Zurich (10 August)

If dance music and vibrant street parties are more your vibe, the Street Parade in Zurich is a must. Every August, the largest techno parade in the world takes to the streets of Zurich. The city becomes a riotous sea of colour, dance, and music. With its historical roots in the 90’s peace and love movement, the Street Parade merges a distinct sense of unity and love of music into one electrifying event.

Lucerne Blues Festival, Lucerne (16-24 November)

In the colder months, the Lucerne Blues Festival is a shining star among music festivals in Switzerland. Located in the heart of the country, this blues-dedicated festival has annually featured some of the genre’s top talents. Regardless of where your musical preferences lean, you’re bound to discover a new love for blues music at this festival.

Lucerne is also a beautiful city with much to see and do outside of the music featival.

In Summary

Switzerland is more than just watches and chocolate. There is a vibrant music scene featuring everything from pop, rock and classical music to dance, techno and electronica.

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Music festivals in Switzerland are truly diverse spectacles.

From the snowy peaks of Crans-Montana to the spirited streets of Zurich, to the historic jazz by Lake Geneva. Each guarantees not just an excellent live music experience, but also a chance to delve into the Swiss culture, food, and landscapes. And although you might think that it is an expensive place to visit, you’ll find that it is more affordable than you might think.

So, lace up your dancing shoes, select your festivals, and immerse yourself in the melodic heart of Switzerland!


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