People feel excited when they hear the word “Adventure”. Many companies provide event management with traveling advantages. But there is less focus on wedding management, it becomes boring when there is nothing more to do at the wedding, except eat in stalls and roam in the wedding garden. Here we introduce our company “Narika events”. We provide the best family and couple games at weddings and also at birthday parties with the proper stall service which takes care of hygiene as the top priority. We also have some of our clients from corporate offices, as we had organized games on their campus.


History of Narika Events

For the last 3 years, we have been in this field and we have many smiling faces and cheering client reviews in our memory. We were not doing our business online till now but after so many happy customer reviews we are now online you can book us to make your wedding a remindful event and you can also visit our website. Initially, there were few games but now we have increased our team of management and also introduced some of the new games.

We Provide:-

There is the list of some games which we provide and the Bonous things which we bring with every package:

  1. Some Of The Demanding Games
  • Snake And Ladder

Snake and Ladder is a classic board game that has captivated players for generations. The game is played on a numbered board, with players taking turns rolling dice and advancing their respective markers accordingly. The goal is to reach the final square first.

The game’s excitement lies in the presence of snakes and ladders scattered across the board. Landing on a ladder allows players to climb higher, skipping several squares and gaining an advantage. However, landing on a snake brings misfortune, causing players to slide back down the board, losing progress.

Snake and Ladder teach valuable lessons about luck, strategy, and perseverance. It’s an enjoyable and unpredictable game that brings friends and family together, creating laughter, and a sense of adventure which is shared among everyone.

  • Balloon Shooting

The Balloon Shooting game is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that tests your aim and focus. Armed with a toy gun or dart, players aim to pop colorful balloons scattered across the playing area. The challenge lies in the limited ammunition and the need to carefully calculate each shot.

This game sparks friendly competition as players strive to hit the most targets and accumulate the highest score. You require very sharp focus and reflexes. The satisfaction of hearing a balloon burst and watching it float away in fragments is immensely gratifying.

Balloon Shooting is a popular attraction at carnivals, fairs, and parties, providing entertainment for all ages. It offers a fun way to improve hand-eye coordination and is an exciting activity that brings people together to share in the joy of hitting those elusive targets.

  • Angry Bird

The Angry Birds game can be played by any aged person, whether you are an adult or your kids wants to play. It is a very easy game with very simple roles. It will need to have focus and aim skills to win this game. There will be some paper-made birds and you will be armed with the catapult which is also called gulel in our local language. 

You just have to make them disturb from their place and you will get a point and the person who displaces every paper bird will be the winner of the game. As the level increases the level of difficulty will also increase.

Angry Birds game is popular worldwide because every person has played this game on their smartphone once in their life. So we thought to bring it into real life to make it more fun and we can play it with the family.

  • Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is an oversized version of the classic block-stacking game that adds a thrilling twist to the traditional gameplay. The aim will remain the same, we have to remove one block at a time carefully from a tower and place it on top without disturbing the tower to collapse.

The excitement escalates with the larger blocks, increasing the challenge and the anticipation. Players strategize and test their feasibility as they navigate the tower, trying to find the perfect block to remove without vanishing the structure.

Giant Jenga creates a captivating atmosphere of suspense and excitement, as every move could be the one that brings the tower crashing down. It’s a social game that brings friends and family together, encouraging laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments of suspense. It is the most demanding game in our events.

  1. Bonus We Bring
  • The best additional games for couples as a surprise.
  • Narika Events merchandise to every game-winner.
  • Gift for Dulha Dulhan.
  • Many hidden surprise gifts.


Event management is a profession of responsibility and personal satisfaction of serving the best services. And so far we have done it with our full confidence as we have our trusted customers. But now we want to present at every wedding, every birthday party, and in every corner of your heart. We provide the best services of games and stalls for wedding parties. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our company and we always focus on the feedback and convert them to feedforward.


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