Empanadas Boxes

Do you know that the bakery industry is worth billions of dollars? Yes, and it includes baked and fried items. And to preserve its taste, aroma, and shape, custom packaging is a must.


Thus it keeps the cakes, pizzas, donuts, empanadas and bagels fresh. Moreover, the custom empanadas boxes help in brand marketing. And as a bakery owner, you can print your logo design, artwork and slogan.

As a result, it distinguishes your confectionery brand and makes it popular. But there are many more ways to top the popularity charts. And unique packaging is one of them.

Therefore, we will discuss the attractive and practical box styles in today’s blog. So let us get started!

Custom bagel boxes with handles

The boxes with handles are also known as gable boxes. They are popular because of their unique and handy design. It is a hut-shaped box, and it is available in different sizes, colors, stocks and designs.

Thus you can design custom bagel boxes to your needs. Plus, you can customize the handles in kraft or cardboard material. And you can either order colored, plain, or custom printed handles.

The purpose of gable packaging is to provide ease to the customers. Thus they can easily carry the food items without dropping them.

Tray and sleeve packaging

Are you looking for smooth and easy-to-use packaging? Well, tray and sleeve or drawer packaging is the best. It is a two-piece box with a movable tray. It smoothly slides out, and it is covered with a sleeve.

Further, you can section the tray with custom inserts. It creates compartments, and you can easily place the bakery items. Overall the inserts give a presentable look to the custom empanadas boxes. And it keeps the vegetable, chicken and meat-filled empanadas intact.

Tuck front style

It is one of the most common packaging styles in the food industry. And it is easy to open and close. Thus the tuck front style is the best for custom printed bagel boxes. It is quite spacious; thus, you can pack as many bagels as you want. And it is customizable in various colors, sizes, designs and stocks.

Besides, it offers amazing customization options like die-cuts, inside printing and embellishments. Thus you can elevate the consumer’s unboxing experience with inside printing. It is best for printing special messages, illustrations and food details.

Wholesale bagel boxes with windows

Whether it’s processed or organic food, custom packaging matters the most. It gives a presentable look to the food items and prevents them from harm. It means that it keeps them safe from heat, moisture and contamination.

Thus it extends the shelf life of the bagels and the empanadas. As a result, it boosts the customer’s confidence and convinces them to buy. However, one of the best ways to ease the customer’s shopping journey is through boxes with windows.

As the name tells, it comes with a transparent sheet. And it gives the customers an overview of the food type, color, and quantity. Hence the customers don’t need to ask the salesperson to open the box. And they instantly add the custom bagel boxes to the cart. more

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