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When a person plans for a holiday, the first thing they worry about is the place to stay. Airbnb is the perfect solution for the issue, it provides value for money and comfort so you can enjoy your holidays without any worries. Before deciding which stay to book, you can read reviews on Airbnb about the place where you want to visit. Airbnb is one of the most popular review platforms that helps vacationers to know about any accommodation in any place beforehand. 


For the hospitality industry, Airbnb is a trusted platform. Many brands often select to embed Airbnb reviews on their website, viewing the boom in the hospitality industry. For their respective websites, these brands will generate engagement and Trust through these embedded Airbnb reviews. This blog is for you if you own any accommodation or hospitality facility and are listed in Airbnb customer reviews. For your website, you will learn some of the best Airbnb reviews examples that you can use. 

Airbnb Reviews Examples For Your Website Enhancement 

To display Airbnb reviews examples for your website, we have created a list of ideas. For your help, here are the 5 best Airbnb review examples mentioned below. 

1. Testimonial Slider 

To show reviews on your website and to your visitors, one of the best eye-pleasing ways is the Testimonial Slider. It is one of the simplest methods to hold and catch the attention of your website visitors by using a display layout. To make your website stand apart and better from your competitor’s website, you can choose this layout way to show positive reviews about your brand. The main advantage of using this slider is it can only show one review at a time, so your website visitor can only read the desired review you want to display. 

2. Review Carousel 

One of the best-known and preferred styles is the Carousel style display. You can get full control of your review widget with the help of social media aggregator tools in the embedding process. As per your preference, you can also make the changes in the design. Carousel design allows website users to view amazing Airbnb reviews in a fraction of a second. If a user wants to read more reviews then they have to swipe the carousel. 

3. Review Box 

You can get the idea by the name, the review box displays Airbnb reviews in the form of a box. This will enable your users to read more than one Airbnb review at the same time in one place. It would give the webpage an organized and symmetrical look that makes it stand out among the competitors. In this layout design, all the reviews are in the tabular format and this will make your website more visually appealing. 

4. List View 

The list view is quite similar to the review box and it shows Airbnb reviews in an organized form. This will also enable your visitor to read more than one review in a single time. In the box view the Airbnb reviews are displayed in the square box or tabular form while in the list view, each review will appear in the vertical format. This is the only major difference between the box and list view. 

5. Widget (Sidebar) View 

One of the other preferred and popular styles of display is the Sidebar or widget view. The sidebar enables brands to display their reviews in style and it also takes less space. Your website visitors can read Airbnb customer reviews and book the accommodation at the same time as it takes less space. 

Benefits Of Having Airbnb Reviews On Your Website 

Here are some of the benefits of adding Airbnb reviews to your website. 

1. Brings Authenticity 

When you add Airbnb reviews to your brand website, they will make your website more authentic and reliable among your prospective customers. From the website visitors, a well-maintained website will get more attention and it will influence their decision-making before they book any accommodation for their stay. 

2. Increases Website Traffic 

When you add Airbnb reviews, it will make your website more visible online and also improve the website traffic. The increased website traffic means more leads to your business and it will convert leads into customers in further process. 

3. Make Website Appealing 

Some of the styles of showing the review widget and some of the Airbnb reviews examples will make your website more appealing. From tools, using the personalization feature will help you add charm to Airbnb reviews on your website. For the website visitors it will make the website more attractive and will also help in increasing the dwell time of the users. 

Ending Note 

Across the globe, Airbnb is one of the most famous and most widely used accommodation platforms. While selecting to embed customer Airbnb reviews on the website, these aforementioned are the five Airbnb reviews examples that you can consider. Along with that, there are some amazing advantages of adding Airbnb reviews to your website. 


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