vaping myths
vaping myths

Media coverage of vaping is often hostile and alarmist. Millions of individuals in the UK have moved from smoking cigarettes to vaping. However, some individuals are reluctant to move because of the media’s bad depiction of e-cigarettes, based on a few occurrences with a weak relationship to vaping. To address this, we have collected a detailed list of vaping myths and disproven them with evidence-based facts and scientific research.


List of some common myths and facts about them

As a result of the epidemic, people’s routines have altered rapidly. People’s desire to avoid health hazards has sparked a newfound interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People know they may prevent health problems by taking care of themselves. Many individuals would prefer to give up smoking, but doing so is much more complex than you may think. Habits make up Human behaviour. Thus, altering your habits may profoundly affect your health and happiness. The nicotine in cigarettes may be addictive, but there indeed is a way to break the habit: electronic cigarettes.

Vaping is a far harmless alternative to smoking for those having trouble kicking the habit. The Elux Legend 3500 puff disposable vape is a good option for first-time users of electronic cigarettes. This vape pen has a straightforward design, so any user can use it with little training. For first-time vapers, there is no better option than this.

Vaping has the same adverse health effects as smoking.

According to a Reuters, study conducted last month, an increasing percentage of Americans see vaping as just as harmful as smoking. Retailers’ decision to stop selling electronic cigarettes while stocking regular cigarettes and other tobacco products is likely to contribute to this misconception. The American Journal of Physiology published research in 2018 that the New York Post used to claim that “Vaping might be more dangerous than smoking.” However, the researchers found their findings “aligned with the evidence of the less toxic effect of e-cig vapor than tobacco smoke.”

Open Market

The vaping sector in the UK has always been self-regulated, making it a highly controlled market even before the TPD implementation. Today, e-cigarettes are subject to stricter government controls than ever, with new rules governing e-liquids and vaping equipment production and distribution.

Risk of fire

Human mistakes and a lack of knowledge regarding battery safety have led to e-cigarettes exploding in people’s wallets and houses despite built-in safety devices. The Elux Legend 3500 puffs is a vape pen that produces a lot of vapour. The batteries may build a circuit and explode if kept in a pocket with metal objects like keys or money. Even while modern mods contain safety measures, it is still essential to handle batteries carefully, use the correct charging cords, and avoid low coil setups unless you are an expert.

Advertising to children

One of the common vaping myths is that the vaping business is trying to attract young consumers by using attractive branding and taste profiles. However, the TPD in the UK prohibits any advertising directed toward those under 18. Also, most vaping businesses were already self-regulating before this implementation.

The dangers of secondhand vaping

Contrary to common misconception, passive vaping is not toxic since e-cigarette vapour contains no chemicals or poisons damaging human health. Passive vaping is not harmful to humans in any way. According to Public Health England, the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes poses no health hazards.

Vaping and smoking are equivalent.

You’ll definitely feel relief to learn that vaping is very different from smoking. In contrast to smoke, produced when tobacco is burned, a vapour is created when e-liquid is heated. A vaper’s plume is not smoke but rather vapor. When an e-liquid is heated, the liquid evaporates and creates a cloud of vapor that, in the end, the vape user inhales.

Vaping cause popcorn lung

Popcorn lung is a rare disorder that may cause permanent airway blockage, resulting from severe damage to the bronchioles. However, popcorn lung has not been connected to vaping, although inhaling diacetyl and other chemical flavourings may cause lung hazards. Due to the detection of diacetyl in a sample of vaping goods in a 2016 Harvard study, the vaping myths that e-cigarettes induce “popcorn lung” originated. It is improbable that e-cigarettes induce popcorn lung since diacetyl is found in cigarette smoke at levels much more significant than those observed in Harvard research. Yet, smoking has never been considered a risk factor for popcorn lung.

The falsehood about quitting smoking

Vaping has been declared to be the best alternative to cigarette smoking. Also, many public health groups claim that vaping does not aid in quitting smoking to advertise traditional cigarettes. However, it is not valid. Moreover, many rehabilitation centers ask smokers to use electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. We don’t yet know what characteristics of e-cigarettes and user behaviours could help people stop. According to one review, more than half of adult daily e-cigarette users had quit smoking during the previous five years, indicating that e-cigarette usage frequency may have a role in smoking cessation.

Vaping introduces young people to tobacco use.

So, according to most recent research, there is no proof that vaping leads young people to traditional cigarettes. According to polls, teens in the UK are trying out e-cigarettes, but regular users are few and far between. Teen smoking rates in the UK have been falling steadily for some time now. The claim that vaping is “normalizing smoking” is likewise unproven. While the number of persons vaping increased in the UK throughout those years, the number of young people who felt it was unacceptable to smoke also rose. PHE will, of course, keep an eye on e-cigarette use rates as well as smoking rates.

Elux Legend 3500 puffs successfully ditch the vaping myths.

It’s tough to kick the habit without professional help. However, there are alternatives to smoking, such as nicotine replacement gum, patches, inhalers, vaporizers, etc. The Elux Legend 3500 puffs seem like the most viable option ditching many vaping myths. When the market announced a new vaping product, the market went wild. Fire Vapes is a leading disposable vape market supplier after starting with a single product only a few years ago. It maintains its current quality, flavor profiles, strength, and accuracy for vaping.

The Elux 3500 is a disposable e-cigarette that never requires you to refill the e-liquid or replace the pods or coils. Simply inhaling the vapor will let you start vaping. To begin breathing, pull on the mouthpiece. You may relax knowing that the Elux Legend 3500 price is the most affordable for new vapers.


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