Inflatable tents

Many people love camping yet hate the idea of working with poles, cords and hammer for setting up a traditional type of tent. If you are one such person, grabbing an inflatable tent to go camping might be a good solution. Inflatable tents have air beams rather than traditional poles. These are wonderfully easy to set up. Just get hold of a good pump, and you would be chilling in your comfy tent within minutes.


New Zealand is famous for its picturesque landscapes, rich culture and outdoorsy people. It is no wonder, people love to go camping. Hence, the sales of tents in NZshoot up, especially during the months of November to January.

Buying an inflatable camping tent in New Zealand is convenient, but you need to pay attention to certain factors before purchasing it.

8 Factors to Consider While Buying an Inflatable Tent

Paying heed to these factors will enable you to purchase an inflatable tent that suits your needs. Take a look below to know the factors you should consider while buying an inflatable tent:

1.   Capacity

The size of the tent is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Inflatable tents come in various sizes, ranging from a 2-person capacity to tents that have room for 8 people. A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that has room for one extra person more than the actual headcount of campers so that it can house the personal belongings and gear comfortably.

2.   Material

The material of the tent decides its longevity, breathability, UV protection, and water resistance. A low-quality inflatable tent will cost you less, but it might be uncomfortable and susceptible to potential punctures, heating issues, and flimsy frames.

It is better to invest in polyester or nylon tents in NZ as they are thin and lightweight with high resistance and elasticity. Get hold of a good PU or PVC-coated camping shelter for better corrosion, abrasion, and water resistance.

3.   Shape

The shape of an inflatable tent affects its aerodynamics, stability, and space. There are three main shapes these tents come in:

  1. Dome: It has a simple round shape that offers good wind resistance, is easy to set, and offers good headroom. It is good for lakeside camping spots in NZ.
  2. Tunnel: These tents are tunnel-shaped and offer better legroom. These tents offer good interior space and are suitable for larger groups and families.
  3. Geodesic: These are complex, angular-shaped inflatable tents that offer excellent weather resistance. If you are camping in areas with harsh conditions, this might be the right type of camping shelter to choose.

4.    Waterhead Rating of Tents New Zealand

You don’t want your camping experience to get marred by any unexpected precipitation. As New Zealand receives above-average rainfall, it is imperative to consider the waterhead rating of an inflatable camping tent. This is all the more applicable if you live in the far south of NZ where hailstorms and snowfall frequent.

A Waterhead rating anywhere between 1500mm to 3000mm for tents in NZ is good. However, if you are expecting harsher weather conditions, choosing a tent with a 5000 mm Waterhead rating should yield you a good experience.

5.   Ventilation

Proper airflow is crucial to a good camping experience. The inside of a camping shelter might get uncomfortable because of condensation or overheating. So, pay attention to features like air vents, mesh windows, and doors for proper ventilation.

Good ventilation is also a hallmark of proper safety features of a camping abode. This is especially critical in case you intend on using any heating equipment inside the accommodation.

6.   Ease of Setup

Most people prefer inflatable tents because of how simple it is to set them up. However, some tent models are easier to put up than others. For instance, a dome-shaped inflatable tent will take less time to be ready than a geodesic-shaped tent.

Also, try choosing an inflatable camping abode that has a pump inside it. This will save the cost of buying a pump separately and also help you inflate and deflate the tent in minutes.

7.   Portability

If you are an avid camper and love to go on frequent hikes, you should consider lightweight options. Choosing a camping accommodation that can fit in a backpack is the way to go.

Typically, a product weight of 2lb per person is considered lightweight. So, if you are carrying a tent for 2 people, a weight of 4 lbs. is good. However, if you are on a family trip and use a car for transportation, you can skip this factor.

8.   Price Point

A good quality camping tent will pack a bit of a pocket pinch. Do believe, it is worth every penny in the long run. The quality of your accommodation is a major determining factor of your overall experience.

Get hold of an Inflatable camping abode that is in your budget. Yet, try to get a quality one to curtail repetitive expenditure and poor experience.


Considering these 8 tips to buy a good quality and suitable inflatable tent will help you enjoy wonderful camping vacations. Remember, individual requirements always differ. Choose a product that caters to your needs, while keeping the basic necessary features in mind.


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