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Construction site accidents can lead to severe injuries that need more time and care to recover. Not only are the reason for physical pain, but these injuries also lead to financial crises due to the inability to work. Although, many rules and safety regulations that construction firms need to follow to save their workers from injury and fatalities, still, no one can be sure that accidents won’t happen. Someone can slip and fall or sometimes accidents can happen due to unsafe working circumstances and equipment.


In short, it can happen to anyone. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) latest report, there were 22 construction-related fatalities due to ignorance in New York City in 2022. This might look like a small number, but not for those who lost their loved ones due to someone’s else ignorance of rules or an equipment malfunction.

When someone gets injured at a construction site, minor trauma can lead to worsening time. No one wants to cause this to him/her or his/her family. That is why a construction law firm in Nyc can help you in many ways. But how to determine when to hire a lawyer for your constriction accidents? Here is the answer to this question:

When You Should Call A Construction Site Injuries Lawyer?

There are multiple reasons, when you will need the assistance of a lawyer. But first, let’s talk about the injuries. Here are the top 5 construction site injuries that can compel you to make a call to the New York City Construction Accidents Attorney:

  1. Severe Neck Or Spinal Injury

Severe spine and neck injuries include slight tingling to paralysis. These types of damages can happen due to falling backward or if something heavy is hit your backside or neck. These injuries can cause someone to sit in a wheelchair for a long time and inability to go back to work.

  • Loss Of Hearing And Sight

The workers on a construction site have to face various loud sounds, harsh chemicals, and debris, causing injuries. Sometimes, explosives can cause hearing loss if you won’t use the protective gears. On the other hand, fragments from the explosives and splashes from the chemicals can cause your eyesight loss if they get into your eyes.

  • Fracture

Bone fracture is the most common incident that can occur on the construction site. Fractures could happen because of:

  • Fall
  • Unsafe Scaffolding
  • Hit by heavy machinery
  • Or other Mishaps

 A minor fracture can lead to long-term disability if it does not heal properly or is ignored.

  • Head Injuries

A severe head injury or traumatic brain can be a leading cause of fatalities on the construction site. Even though the workers wear helmets while working on a construction site, there might be chances when a head blow can cause internal bleeding, concussions, or even skull fractures. This could lead a person to a mental or motor impairment or even death.

  • Other Potential Hazards

A construction site can be more dangerous if any regulation is neglected or any human error happens. Sometimes, these ignorance can lead to:

  1. Electrocution
  2. Burns due to fire
  3. Slips
  4. Strains
  5. Sprains
  6. Lacerations
  7. Abrasions
  8. And more

All the above-mentioned injuries can lead you to get help from an attorney to proceed further. Now, let’s move to the top 5 reasons why you need to hire a lawyer after a construction accident:

Why Do You Need A Lawyer After A Construction Accident?

  • To Determine How Much the Claim Is Worth

A lawyer will help you determine the claim after reviewing your medical condition according to the state worker’s compensation laws to ensure you will get what you deserve.

  • Get Guidance

A construction injury lawyer knows the rules and regulations better than anyone else. The attorney will review your case from start to end, observe the conditions and loopholes if there are any, and navigate you in your legal matter according to the situation.

  • Assistance With Worker Compensation

When a worker gets injured in the workplace, he/she gets many perks from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers death, disability, and hospital bills. These types of insurance do not include compensation for lost wages, punitive damages, or psychological suffering but personal injury claim can cover them. That is why a lawyer can help you determine whether you go for a personal injury claim or workers’ compensation.

  • Advice Regarding Medical Bills

When you are recovering from your injury, your lawyer will communicate with the medical professionals to review your medical records to determine the cost and length of your future treatment. It helps the attorney to make a rightful claim to the insurance department.

  • Take Away The Hassle

Accidents can be very much disturbing and can cause your quality of life. Hiring construction injury lawyers in NYC can help you leave all the stress and claim hassle behind you. So you can get recovered without any worry.


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