For people of every age group who are either visiting Bangalore on a trip or living there, there are various unique and immersive entertainment venues waiting for you to try. More than any other city, Bangalore city offers people the perfect balance of historically enriching destinations, nature parks, and entertainment venues to set yourself loose in the city! 


While there are many amusement parks offering visitors a wide range of activities and adventures to choose from and enjoy, there are some noteworthy ones. In this article, we have compiled the top-rated entertainment venues in Bangalore where you can drop in for some fun and entertainment with your gang. So, check them out:  

5 Best Entertainment Venues in Bangalore 

Breakout escape room

1. Breakout Escape Rooms 

Breakout is a top-rated escape room business in Bangalore, offering movie-styled escape room experiences to players. It is one of the first venues in Asia to offer escape rooms specially equipped for kids to enjoy.  

Features of the venue: 

  • 1. You can find escape rooms suitable for players across age groups. From teenagers to adults, Breakout offers escape games for everyone! 
  • 2. Breakout offers a special escape room game only for kids – Enchanted Forest.  
  • 3. Inside the premises, players can come across as many as seven different escape room experiences to choose from and enjoy. 
  • 4. Players can host private parties and celebrations like birthday parties and farewell parties alongside hosting corporate team events at the venue. 
  • 5. Breakout can also arrange a diverse range of food options for players to choose from when they host their event at the facility. 
  • 6. Birthdays at Breakout become more fun and exciting with the immersive add-ons offered by the venue and it is a best place to celebrate birthday in bangalore.
  • 7. Some of the immersive escape rooms at Breakout include: 

i. Murder Mystery 

ii. Kidnapped 

iii. Trapped 

iv. Classified 

v. Bank Job    

2. Snow City 

Snow City is a venue entirely dedicated to offering players snow-based activities. It is a place enjoyed by people across age groups, from kids to adults.  

Features of the venue: 

  • 1. The average temperature inside the premises is usually maintained at approximately -5°C throughout the year. 
  • 2. You can find various immersive and exciting games offered to players inside the premises, including PAC-man and Pirate’s Hook. 
  • 3. For people who are looking for ways to escape the scorching heat of the city, it can be the perfect destination to visit! 
  • 4. For families & friends who wish to experience the joy of snowfall in Bangalore, Snow City is here to solve their needs.  

3. Wonderla 

Wonderla is the perfect amusement park to visit in Bangalore for people across all age groups. From kids to adults, everyone can find their share of fun and entertainment inside the premises of Wonderla! The brand has branched out across the country, offering immersive and thrilling entertainment everywhere!  

Features of the venue:  

  • 1. The place usually remains open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. 
  • 2. You can find about 60+ immersive and adventurous rides to experience inside the amusement park! 
  • 3. The RECOIL and the KORNETO are some of the must-try rides present inside the amusement park.  
  • 4. Wonderla can be the perfect place for visitors to spend quality time with their friends and family.  
  • 5. The rides present inside the facility include rides on the water alongside those on land.  
  • 6. You can also find a separate kids’ only section inside the amusement park, featuring rides exclusively designed for kids to enjoy. 
  • 7. There is also a separate section made for adventure and thrill seekers. It features rides that will make your adrenaline gush fast in your body!  

4. TorQ03 

TorQ03 is an immersive one-of-a-kind gaming arcade featuring a wide variety of sports and activities for you to choose from and enjoy playing. From pre-teens to adults, everyone can find something engaging to do at this facility!   

Features of the venue: 

  • 1. There is a specially curated play arena for kids, covering three whole floors.  
  • 2. For people looking for an exciting place to host an amazing party, TorQ03 is the perfect destination to solve their needs! From hosting private parties to events and functions, TorQ03 is here to make your party exciting and adventurous. 
  • 3. The facility allows visitors to choose from the immersive games and activities offered at the premises and curate a customized package for themselves.  
  • 4. The podium sports bar inside the facility offers visitors alcoholic beverages.  
  • 5. Some of the activities offered at the premises include: 

i. Go-karting! 

ii. Laser tagging 

iii. Bowling 

iv. Shooting ranges 

v. Cricket  

5. Smaaash   

It is the perfect gaming arcade for every visitor to have fun and enjoy themselves. You can choose from a variety of games and immersive activities to have fun with your friends and family on the premises.  

Features of the venue: 

  • 1. You can find several exciting virtual reality games for kids and adults to enjoy playing. 
  • 2. The facility offers special packages, including food, drinks, and game tickets.  
  • 3. The adult trampoline present inside the facility is a must-try! 
  • 4. Some of the best games and activities offered at the facility include: 

i. Dance offs 

ii. Art of attack 

iii. Nitro wheelie 

iv. Cricket  

v. Bowling 


Now these are some of the best entertainment venues located in Bangalore and offer fun activities and games for players across age groups to try. You can also host your next birthday party in these venues! So, which of these unique Entertainment Venue will you visit next?  


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