International School, top school in Abu Dhabi, education
International School, top school in Abu Dhabi, education

It’s difficult to concentrate while you’re trying to study. Our ability to concentrate for long while studying is an issue that we all encounter, regardless of whether you are a high school attendee or a college student.


If you’re struggling with social media, dithering, time management or a mix of all three, Private Schools in Abu Dhabi can provide a wide range of tools and practices that may assist alleviate the burden of studying.

Few of the most effective pieces of advice for students to improve their concentration power:

  1. Finding an Appropriate Space

Successful study sessions begin with finding a comfortable area where you can work to your best. When it comes to studying, some people like the peace and tranquility of a library, while others prefer the commotion and loudness of a coffee shop.

However, you must have these small necessities:

  • A spacious desk
  • Power Outputs
  • Comfortable Seating
  1. Study rituals for Warming up

The Indian International School advises students to create pre-study activities such as cleaning up the study desk, arranging study materials, creating the study plan for the day, and creating the study playlist. These gestures prepare your brain for the study session and help you get into the zone.

  1. Keep Distractions out of the Study Area

Smart devices create a lot of distractions. However, in this modern era, it has become a part of your study because everyone needs the internet to look up facts quickly. 

Checking up on notifications may only take a few minutes, however, refocusing on study takes 23 minutes on average. Hence, you need to block all distracting sites and apps during your study session. 

  1. Study in portions and try to space out sessions

A huge pile of information can be overwhelming if one tries to gobble it all at once. Hence, Private Schools in Abu Dhabi advise the students to divide their study materials into small portions and study in spaced-out sessions.

Cramming may help you get through the exam day but you won’t be able to retain that information for long. A 30-minute study session is far more manageable than an eight-hour cram session.

  1. Pomodoro Technique helps

The Pomodoro Technique is ideal for breaking up long study periods into more manageable pieces of time. It’s a straightforward process: Choose one activity, set a timer, work until the timer goes off, and then take a break.

  1. Use Task Management Tools

Several tools can assist students of Indian top school in Abu Dhabi to organize, prioritize, focus on their studies and even collaborate with others. Research and use such apps to ease up your study sessions.

  1. Improving Skills is more important

While grades might be tempting to obsess about, education’s ultimate goal is to help students become more successful members of society. Stress and pressure associated with studying may be alleviated by remembering to put learning ahead of grades.

  1. Breaks are important

Your study schedule must include sufficient break times. Without proper breaks, long study sessions mostly end up being unproductive. Why?

Mental stamina and self-control are limited resources that will deplete with time. Hence, scheduling short pauses to check Facebook, looking up an off-topic issue, or just getting a cup of coffee will keep you from becoming too tired and losing attention. 

  1. Regular Exercise

Research conducted by Private Schools in Abu Dhabi concludes that regular exercises benefit students’ mental and physical attributes. By boosting cerebral blood flow, short-term exercise may increase attention for up to three hours. Regular exercise improves mood, sleep, stress and anxiety, which affect cognitive performance.

  1. Measure your Improvement routinely 

Measurement is the key to effective management. An hour a week (or year) of reflection on your routines, habits, and progress may help you see trends in your output and provide an opportunity to identify inefficiencies, modify your routines and improve the efficiency of your job.


The above-mentioned tips from the Indian Public High School will help you increase your concentration level and improve academic performance. However, you have to keep in mind that these solutions are not the only way and many may seem unfit for your goal.

Trial methods are the only options while you are dealing with strengthening your mental ability. Hence, try out every possibility and note what works best for you. Moreover, seek help from your mentors from Private Schools in Abu Dhabi. You can freely share the difficulties you face with your study, for which they will provide you with personalized solutions that may work for your problem.

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