5 Grocery Chains that Offer Delivery

If you have embraced all things grocery delivery in recent years, you are not alone. Why go out to shop for groceries, essentials, or anything else, when you can have it delivered right to your door. From restaurant meals to clothes to gifts, you can have almost anything brought right to you with a few clicks on your phone or laptop.


Getting groceries delivered is especially convenient because it saves you not only the trip to the store, but also the time locating all of the specific foods you need as well as the time waiting in line to check out and get everything bagged. With delivery, the specific groceries you ordered are chosen and bagged for you, and delivered conveniently to your door at the specified time. 

But how do you know if your local grocery store, or preferred store to shop for groceries, offers delivery? Here are some super popular grocery store chains that offer convenient delivery options for customers:

Walmart, Target, and Other Big Box Retailers

Grocery Delivery: 5 Grocery Chains That Offer Delivery

If you prefer to order your groceries from big box retailers like Walmart, Target, or even a wholesale club like Costco, you are in luck, since all of these retailers offer delivery options. 

There are several reasons you may prefer these retailers over other chain grocery stores. These may be the only options in your area for buying groceries, you may like the prices at these retailers better, or you may like the idea of ordering other items along with your groceries.

Whatever your reasons, there are great options for delivery. Walmart offers free grocery pickup or grocery delivery for a fee. Target also offers free pickup, or delivery via Shipt. If you are already a Shipt member, Target delivery will be included, or you can purchase an annual Shipt membership or try one month for free. Costco offers two-day grocery delivery where your items will be delivered like any other package, or you can also shop Costco via Instacart.

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Some chain grocery stores are regional, and Wegmans is one example of a very popular regional grocery store. If Wegmans is located near you and you are lucky enough to be in a region with Wegman locations, you can definitely order your groceries from this great chain. Wegmans also utilizes Instacart, so it is quick and convenient.

Whole Foods

If Whole Foods is your preferred grocery store, they have a unique set up when it comes to grocery delivery. Whole Foods actually offers free same-day grocery delivery for Amazon Prime members for orders over $35. To stay on top of all these unique options when it comes to grocery delivery, be sure to check out supermarket news from time to time.   

Whether you grocery shop at one of the previously mentioned stores, or any of the other many chains throughout the country, like Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, and more, there are so many options for grocery delivery.


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