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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?: Know More Facts About It


what dinosaur has 500 teeth?: Dinosaurs may have died out many millions of years ago however their impact continues to be felt. From children to the elderly all are attracted by these gigantic creatures who once roamed the earth.


In the realm of dinosaurs, there’s an fake prank that’s been going viral on web that reads, “Don’t Google which dinosaur has 500 teeth?” The joke was born following a racist joke posted by a few Reddit users became viral.

If you search ” what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” you will get names like Nigersaurus which refers to “Niger Reptile” or “Niger’s Lizard.” So that you are aware, Nigersaurus is among the dinosaurs with the longest lifespan to ever exist on the planet.

It is a herbivore that measured 30 feet long. dinosaur that was alive in its middle Cretaceous period. In actuality, it occurred in the Albian or Aptian age, roughly between 119 and 100 million years old. It is a species of Sauropod dinosaurs that resembled Diplodocus and fossils of it were found in Gadoufaoua located situated in Niger. Republic of Niger.

The fossils of the dinosaur were first discovered in the year 1976. However, it wasn’t known until 1999 when all remains were found. The genus consists of one species, Nigersaurus Taqueti. It was named in honor of the French paleontologist named Philippe Taquet, who was the first to have discovered its remains.

If you’re looking to learn more about the dinosaur that has 500 teeth You should go through this article. There are many fascinating facts regarding nigersaurus to discuss within this piece.

Discovery of Nigersaurus ( what dinosaur has 500 teeth)

The remains from Nigersauruswere found in the period 1965-72 in the course of the expedition into Niger. Republic of Niger, which was conducted by Philippe Taquet, a well-known French paleontologist. In the past, little existed about dinosaurs. Complete remains were discovered through expeditions led Paul Sereno, who was an eminent American paleontologist. The expedition occurred between 1997 and 2000.


Many skull fossils were discovered, which proved that the skull was composed of extremely thin bones, so that were nearly transparent. Because of this, no skulls in good condition could be discovered.

Nigersaurus is first named in the description by Sereno and his coworkers in 1999. The Genus name Nigersaurus refers to the nation in which it was first discovered. Remains of Nigersaurus are on display at Niger’s National Museum of Niger.

The initial detailed account of the dinosaur’s skeleton was published by Sereno and Jeffrey A. Wilson. Later , in 2007, a much more thorough account of the skull was released by Sereno and his coworkers. This description was based off an undiscovered specimen in the past ten years.

The skeleton was recreated so that everyone could discover what the dinosaur’s appearance like. The newly constructed skeleton mount as well as an exact model of the head and neck are located inside the National Geographic Society in Washington.

Similar fossils to Nigersaurus have been found in Brazil and Brazil as well.

About what dinosaur has 500 teeth – Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus was an animal which has teeth of 500 that is one of the amazing discoveries of paleontologists. This was an elongated dinosaur that had an unusual skull shape, with about 500 teeth.

The remains of the nigersaurus initially discovered in the year 1976. The intention was to find more of the remains of this unique dinosaur, and it was achieved in 1999. The dinosaur was recreated for all to see.

The one of Nigersaurus bone fragments which were found was about 15 feet. It was the curvature that the spine follows. The skeleton was quickly taken to the laboratory to allow experts to examine it.

Paleontologists also discovered fossils of young Nigersaurus. Finding these remains has helped experts to define it and to reconstruct the massive creature. This is how we come to learn of the 500 tooth dinosaur.

Unique features of Nigersaurus ( what dinosaur has 500 teeth)

Nigersaurus is also referred to as “Mesozoic cow” by paleontologist Paul Sereno. In this article we will examine the distinctive characteristics of the Nigersaurus. _

  • Nigersaurus teeth
What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?: Know More Facts About It

The most significant characteristic in this Nigersaurusis the teeth. It was an extinct dinosaur with teeth that were 500. It was a dinosaur that ate plants which was mostly found within the Sahara Desert.

It is characterized by a wide and largemouth , which made it easier to catch food from the below. Also, it had a large nose that was behind its head. This is why the paleontologist Paul Sereno compared its face to a vacuum cleaner. The bone reconstructed from the dinosaur’s mouth is quite similar to the edges of contemporary vacuum cleaner.

The mouth of the Nigersaurus included four large holes on the sides and an opening in the skull. It was home to more than 500 teeth that are thought to change every two weeks.

It is the sole Quadruped that has a larger and longer jaw than that of the skull. Not only that, it is also the sole one with teeth that are horizontal that are in front of the mouth.

As a sauropod, it featured a distinctive tooth structure. Its upper jaw of Nigersaurus included 60 needle-like pillars shaped like needles while the lower jaw was home to around one-hundred pilings. If you take the whole pillar into consideration that this dinosaur possessed, it contained 500 teeth in all, that’s nine sets of dental replacements in the lower jaw on its own.

The distinctiveness of its tooth structure is determined by its orientation. When it comes to pulling leaves off hanging branches, the vertically growing teeth on the front are not as effective. This indicates the fact that Nigersaurus utilized its mouth to serve as a tool for foraging when eating grass. This is why it’s known as”a “Mesozoic cow.”

Also, it had a broad nose, which is the ideal companion for foraging in on the ground for vegetation. Nigersaurusgrazed within bunk beds, so tooth batteries proved extremely useful. The teeth are supposed to be replaced every two weeks or every 14 days.

  • Nigersaurus Weight

teethed 500-tooth dinosaurNigersaurus was weighed at approximately 4.4 small tons which is nearly the same weight as an modern elephant. As a sauropod, it had a short neck having 13 cervical vertebrae. Most rebbachisaurids had necks that were short and were 33 feet. length or less. The only species that could reach the size of the larger sauropods was Rebbachisaurus.

  • Nigersaurus Skull

Nigersaurus were a quadruped , with large hind legs, an impressive tailand tiny head. It had a body measuring around 30 feet. long, with the femur measured just 3 feet. 3 inches.

  • Nigersaurus Size

As we’ve already said, Nigersaurus is sauropods, and is one of the biggest dinosaurs on Earth. Comparatively to other sauropods Nigersauruswas considerably less massive. The animal was less than Ursocas as well as Brachiosaurus.

These dinosaurs with teeth measured around 30 feet in length, however, the average sauropod was around 85 feet long. Because of their tiny dimensions, they weighed only the same as modern African elephants approximately 4 to 5 tonnes, whereas they weighed less than Diplodocus was 25 tonnes. This is the reason why the Nigersaurus could be frequently described as”a “little giant”. It had a neck that was shorter and a tinier frame than the other members of its family.

Amazing Facts about Nigersaurus ( what dinosaur has 500 teeth)

Now knowing the dinosaur with 500 teeth Let’s find out some amazing information about it.

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?: Know More Facts About It
  • “Nigersaurus”means “Niger Reptile” or “Niger lizard.” The remains of the dinosaur first came to light in Niger.
  • Nigersaurus can be often referred to by the name of “Mesozoic Cow”. It has a broad muzzle and 500 teeth that were specifically designed to chew through vegetation that is growing on the ground.
  • It was it was a “long-necked” short-neck dinosaur. Sauropods are typically identified with necks that are long. Nigersaurus as well as its close relatives belong to a sub-group known as”Rebbachisauridae “Rebbachisauridae.”
  • Nigersaurus is a dinosaur that ate plants. It was an Sauropod and part of a group of related large herbivores that were quadrupedal.
  • Nigersauruswas one of the members of the Saurischia group of dinosaurs.
  • Nigersaurus was born around the age of 119million years in the Cretaceous period.
  • Nigersaurus was an extremely odd-looking mouth it resembled an actual vacuum cleaner. It chewed its food using thousands of teeth.
  • Nigersaurus is quite lightheaded. The cranial part of its head was thin bones, and a lot of them were nearly transparent.
  • Nigersaurus initially observed in 1976, but was first described in 1999.

Although Nigersaurus had nostrils with elongated extensions however, it was a tiny Olfactory the lobes.

What dinosaur is the one with biggest teeth?

If you believed that Nigersaurushad most highest number of teeth, then you’re incorrect. The Nigersaurus is equipped with 500 teeth while an Hadrosaurid contains 1,400 teeth. Their teeth are thought as the largest and most intricate among all dinosaurs.

If you’ve ever were curious about which dinosaur had 500 teeth You know the answer right now.

Conclusion: which Dinosaur has 500 teeth

Nigersaurus is the 500-tooth dinosaur that people are discussing on social media. It is part of a family of sauropod dinosaursthat were among the biggest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth. But the Nigersaurus differed from the rest of its family because it was smaller in size and a shorter neck. It was a herbivore dinosaur that ate food from the earth.


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