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Trends to Note in Modern Digital Marketing


No surprise here – digital marketing trends emphasize shared experiences to create and market superior products while improving the customer experience. Staying ahead of the digital marketing curve as we transition into 2019 is vital, so let’s examine current and upcoming digital marketing trends to stay abreast of how digital marketing evolves. Let’s also identify some notable and emerging trends within modern-day digital marketing.


ChatGPT as a Tool

Artificial intelligence has long been one of the hottest trends in marketing development, and ChatGPT’s success is no doubt part of that momentum. While AI may not yet be capable of performing all tasks independently, ChatGPT should certainly be used as a useful tool. ChatGPT will undoubtedly become one of the top digital marketing trends in 2023, whether used to process and translate multiple languages, produce creative prompts for audience questions or generate blog material.

But be careful, as ChatGPT should never replace a human for you in terms of providing reliable advice or feedback. A human should always evaluate, fact-check and edit any content or ideas created using AI software before trusting its suggestions! Otherwise it might come back to haunt you! Gen Z represents more than just the “next generation” of consumers; they represent over 40% of Australian consumers with $143 billion worth of purchasing power in 2022 alone.

Gen Zers are setting new standards in terms of how we perceive and engage with brands, particularly through platforms that specifically cater to young people like TikTok. After becoming increasingly aware of traditional marketing tricks, Gen Z prefers engaging with businesses that genuinely appeal to their interests and communication style. Gen Z expects businesses to be transparent, honest and sincere with them.

Engaging Content

Social media and other online platforms have become popular channels for consumers to communicate with brands, while interactive content provides direct lines of communication between audiences and your brand. People can interact with you as you record video using features like Facebook Live and Instagram Live, enabling your clients to communicate directly with you as the recording progresses. Use this tool for interactive events like an “ask me anything” event or product Q&A sessions – the possibilities are limitless!

Start promoting this event early to increase attendance. To ensure an excellent event, pay special attention to how your streaming arrangements will look. Quizzes, surveys and other interactive materials have become an increasingly common way for businesses to engage with customers and gather intelligence on their target audiences. Businesses can foster deeper customer relationships and create an enhanced brand experience by offering more interactive customer interactions.

Customer Experience

As we move into the digital sphere, customer experience has become even more integral to business strategy. Now it is easier than ever before to access reviews and opinions for almost anything in seconds! Providing poor customer experiences will quickly spread word of its failure among its target market, prompting customers to look elsewhere for solutions.

There’s simply no excuse for poor customer service in 2023. Your digital marketing strategy should prioritize offering customers an exceptional experience online. Your website should load quickly and be simple for visitors to navigate; don’t withhold key data from users; improve its organization; make it easy for customers to connect via chatbots or other tools; make use of micro-moments.

Businesses are targeting micro-moments as consumers rely on mobile devices for instantaneous information, providing timely knowledge to consumers at exactly the right moment.

Privacy and Cookies

Google is taking steps to limit third-party cookies across its websites in order to increase online privacy, with Firefox and Safari no longer supporting these types of cookies. Your online ads and banner ads could change due to this shift; websites will no longer be permitted to load their adverts with tracking cookies.

Google and other platforms are creating new onsite ad placement algorithms that improve privacy, but until 2023 cookies won’t officially become extinct. By strategically placing ads on websites with contextual relevance for keywords you use in advertising campaigns you can modify digital advertising strategies more effectively.

Voice Search With the advent of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, voice search has become increasingly popular. To ensure that your business can be easily found by customers using this search method, optimize your website for voice search. This requires making sure your website is compatible with mobile devices and optimizing it using long-tail keywords and natural conversational language.

Voice search users often employ natural, conversational language when performing voice search queries. Therefore, it’s essential that your writing emphasizes natural language by including natural expressions and long-tail keywords within its writing. Utilise Push Notifications when possible as another strategy.

Utilize this tool to promote upcoming specials, instantly transmit digital receipts, and remind consumers of upcoming appointments. According to estimates from 2022, an estimated 7.1 billion people used mobile devices – making it likely that your clients are carrying smartphones. Furthermore, push notifications allow your customers to remain contactable via their phones.

Push notifications allow you to reach them quickly via home screens or text feeds on mobile devices with customized messages. For additional updates on new marketing trends, reach out to a professional digital agency.



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