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Top 5 Sites Like AnimeHeaven to Watch Anime for Free


What is the meaning of Animeheaven?

Animeheaven is among the longest-running streaming sites for anime on the web. It was established by a group of people in the year 2006, and has offered an ad-supported, free streaming service since. The site has a huge collection of content with new films and shows that are added daily. You can stream films and shows without cost without ads, or change to premium subscription to get rid of advertisements and gain access to additional material. Animeheaven also provides Manga as well as light novels translation along with an online store selling anime-related products.


The Animeheaven website is an excellent resource for those who love anime and would like to watch their favourite films and shows online. It is simple to navigate and offers an extensive selection of content which is regularly updated. There aren’t any subscription charges or hidden costs, which means it’s ideal for people who are working on a tight budget. Animeheaven is ideal for those who wish to know more about their favorite shows. The website provides the translation of light and manga along with comprehensive synopses for each episode.

What happens to the Animeheaven?

Animeheaven was a site that was dedicated to streaming anime films and shows. It was among the most visited websites for the purpose, but it abruptly ended its service in the beginning of 2017. The site’s administrators did not offer an explanation for its closure which left users unhappy and dissatisfied. Some suggested that the site was shut down due to copyright issues, while some suggested that it was the result of a financial crisis. But no of these speculations has been proved.

Since the closing of Animeheaven’s website, customers have had to look for alternatives to stream their preferred anime shows. Many have gone to illegal streaming sites and others have put off watching anime completely. Naturally, the closing of Animeheaven has caused a lot of harm to the community of anime in general.

Sites for free like Animeheaven Alternatives

Following the demise of Animeheaven there were many searching for an alternative. There are a lot of excellent streaming websites for anime. Below five are among the best:



One of the sites that has been launched is It is like animeheaven because it gives users the option of watching streaming anime and downloading episodes. There is also an online forum for users to discuss their favourite shows and exchange details about the latest episodes.

One of the things that make animetosho different among other sites is the extensive database. It contains more than 7000 titles, which includes old and brand new series. This means there’s plenty of entertainment for everyone on the website. It’s also simple to find something interesting to enjoy when you’re bored.

Another excellent feature of animetosho is its easy-to-use design. The site is simple to navigate while the downloading links function well. It is easy to locate the episode you’re looking for and begin watching it straight away.

In the end, animetosho is a great alternative to animeheaven. It offers a wide collection of shows, great download links, and a simple interface. If you’re in search of the best place to stream anime on the internet and stream anime, then animetosho should be on your list.



Animebee is streaming service specifically designed for those who love anime. The website has a collection of more than 10,000 episodes and films to stream. You can stream new episodes when they’re released in Japan or watch the every episode.

The site also has excellent features to improve your viewing experience more enjoyable. For instance, you can create a profile that is customized with your top shows and receive notifications whenever new episodes are launched. It is also possible to connect with other anime enthusiasts and discuss your most-loved shows.

If you’re in search of the best place to stream online anime, Animebee is definitely worth exploring.


9Anime is an streaming service on the internet that provides users a broad selection of anime-related shows and films to enjoy. The site offers a vast collection of content that spans various genres, which makes it the perfect for all fans of anime. Along with its extensive collection, 9Anime also provides high-quality audio and video playback, and subtitles in a variety of languages.

One of the great advantages of 9Anime is that it’s absolutely accessible for free. There aren’t any subscription costs or hidden costs, meaning you can enjoy the amount of anime you like without worrying about spending lots of cash. This means that 9Anime the ideal option for anime lovers who are looking for a method to stream their favorite films and shows without costing a fortune.

9Anime provides a range of options that make it easy to use. For instance, the website lets users make custom lists of their favorite movies and shows and makes it easy to keep the track of what you’ve seen and what you’re still looking to watch. Furthermore, 9Anime offers a variety of streaming options which includes streaming the episodes directly on the site , and downloading them to watch offline. It is easy to stream your favorite shows online.


Masteranime is among the most well-known streaming anime websites available on the internet. The site offers a vast selection of anime series and movies that are free to stream. The site also offers English subtitles for all of its content.

Masteranime has been in operation since 2007 , and developed an impressive fan base over the years. The website is often updated with new material, making it a ideal destination for those who love anime.

Masteranime is a fantastic resource for fans of anime who wish to stream their favorite shows and films on the internet. The site is simple to navigate and offers high-quality streaming videos.



The Animeplyx is an innovative and soon-to-launch anime streaming website which offers its customers many of the top anime shows and movies. It is simple to navigate and provides an extensive selection of anime dubbed and subbed and films.

One of the great benefits of Animeplyx is that it’s completely free to use. It doesn’t require you to sign up or pay any costs for access to your most loved shows. All you require is an Internet connection, and you’re set.

Another advantage of Animeplyx is the fact that it has subtitles that are available in different languages. Therefore, if you’re not keen on subtitled anime, or you’re looking to sharpen your Japanese abilities, Animeplyx has you covered.

The site also offers an intuitive interface that makes searching for your favourite shows easy. It is possible to sort the available shows by the genre, popularity release date, or alphabetically. If you’re certain of what you’re looking to find, you can make use of the search bar to locate it fast.

Animeplyx is ideal for those who enjoy anime. No matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned fan There’s something for anyone on this website. So why are you wasting time to do?


Animeheaven is an excellent source for anime lovers however it’s far from the sole one. Other websites, like Crunchyroll and Funimation have similar content and are useful alternatives should there be an downtime. Fans can also stream anime through streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. While Animeheaven is an excellent resource, users are not restricted to only using it.


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