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Top 10 Project Management Tools for Businesses


Project Management Tools: The management of projects is a complicated procedure that involves an extensive plan tasks, assignments to task, deadline assessments and many more. It’s almost impossible to manage these tasks without assistance, which is with modern technology.


It is essential to use the best tools to manage your projects, picking the right tool isn’t an easy task. In this article I’ll present 10 of the most effective tools for managing projects for companies which will assist you in managing your projects better and effectively.

Let’s get started.

List of Project Management Tools 


monday can be described as an online tool for managing projects that assists teams in tracking their projects and keep track of deadlines. It is a an online platform for teams to organize projects and collaborate, share files and efficiently communicate.

The company also has the possibility of an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot that is able to automate tasks such as organizing appointments, scheduling work and updating statuses of tasks. offers multiple views like kanban boards, gantt charts, etc. similar to other tools in this list.

Its custom-designed forms and automated project approvals increase efficiency. Templates help accelerate the process of creating templates and project resources that can be reused. Additionally, its dashboards allow you to evaluate performance and make decision-making more efficiently.

Pricing: is a more complex pricing structure that is different from other tools on this site. Its Free plan is a basic minimum for two users.

Its Basic plan at $9 per month provides unlimited projects and an online dashboard.

The Standard and Pro plans at the price of $12 and $20/seat/month respectively offer additional features. The enterprise plan provides more power to companies.

2. ClickUp

Project Management Tools

ClickUp It is an all-in-one tool for managing projects that creates a shared space for members of a team, with modular add-ons referred to as ClickApps. Its extensive set of functions include tasks management and time tracking, file sharing along with invoicing.

Although I do find ClickUp quite complicated than other tools such as Trello However, it does offer some extremely advanced tools that every team member or manager will require.

The user interface is simple and easy to navigate , with the option to include additional features via applications like Email, Milestones, LineUp, Task View, etc.


ClickUp provides a no-cost plan that will meet the requirements of individuals as well as small teams that are looking for an easy tools for managing projects.

This Unlimited plan, which costs $9/month for members provides a wealth of charts as well as integrations, storage, and.

The Business and Business Plus plans at $29 and $19 per month for members respectively, offer more features specifically designed for businesses, such as advanced automations, Single-Sign-On (SSO), etc.

3. Trello

Project Management Tools

Trello is a renowned collaboration and project management tool that allows teams to organize their work, determine goals, and stay on task. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with Kanban boards that allows you to add and remove cards in order to change the status of tasks.

Users can also include checklists and attachments, labels and notes to cards to provide more specific information regarding the tasks.

One of my top features is the custom fields which allow the addition of additional information to cards. If you integrate automation with custom fields they will increase the speed of the task boards you have.

While Trello began as an kanban board in the last 10 years but now it provides additional views such as timeline, dashboard calendar and so on. However, it isn’t equipped with advanced features for managing projects like email integration and milestones. Contrary to ClickUp.


Trello offers a simpler and more affordable pricing structure than ClickUp. It comes with the free plan that comes with a basic minimum requirements to get started with Trello.

Its Basic and Premium plan that cost $6 and $12.50 per month (per user) respectively include additional options such as unlimited boards, custom field, endless storage and much more. The Enterprise plan is $17.50 per month for each user If it is it is billed annually.

4. Asana

Project Management Tools

Asana is another well-known tool for managing projects that lets users organize projects and assign tasks and track their performance.

The app was made to be simple to use and allows users to maintain track of their deadlines and tasks. Users can define deadlines and attach files and also use workflow rules for approval as well as workflow plans.

Asana offers a simple Kanban board and a to-do list along with templates for typical projects like promotional campaigns and software-development projects. It comes with an easy and sleek interface and comes with a variety of integrations as well as customized forms and fields for automating.


Asana provides an no-cost plan which should meet the needs of project management tool for small businesses.

Its Basic and Business plan costs $13.49 and $30.49 per month, respectively. and include additional features like workflow builders, unlimited reports as well as an admin console and much more.

You can also purchase an individual Enterprise plan that includes assistance of SSO and request an estimate.

5. Wrike

Project Management Tools

Wrike is another software for managing projects that allows teams to work together and complete their work. It includes all the features of a standard project management tool software, however, what makes it stand out is its capacity to connect with other software as well as services.

This lets you design customized workflows as well as automate the tasks which can help teams save time and increase the efficiency of their work.

Wrike offers an 360-degree overview of all tasks in a table of kanban boards, timelog, or gantt chart according to your preferences along with specific reports on your team’s hours spent in the project, deadlines, and path analysis that can help to make informed decisions on the allocation of resources.

Additionally, Wrike also offers automated workflows, as well as customisable forms to make it easier to complete repetitive tasks.


Wrike provides an affordable plan that includes the most popular features as well as Work Schedules.

Additional plans are available, including Professional plan that costs $9.80 per month for a userBusiness plan that costs $24.80 per user/month with the most features such as customized fields, workflows as well as an Automation Engine projects, time tracking, project approvals and much other features.

The Enterprise plan accommodates additional requirements such as single sign-on (SSO) along with Two-Factor authentication (2FA).

6. Zoho Projects

Project Management Tools

Zoho Projects -one of the products of Zoho -is a management of projects tool created to assist teams collaborate, plan and manage projects effectively. It provides features like project management and resource management time tracking, reporting on projects and sharing files.

Zoho Projects offers a array of views such as Kanban boards, gantt charts as well as other. It comes with a variety of collaboration tools like real-time chat, Google Docs like document editing, as well as video conference.

It also supports budgeting for projects, which together the connection to Zoho Books and Zoho CRM aids in completing projects within budget and within the timeframes set.


Zoho Projects Free plan permits three users and two projects that have basic capabilitiestwo features not often found with other software’s plans that are free.

Premium plan at $5 per month for each user includes unlimitless projects, customized views and options for automation.

Enterprise plan starting at $10/month per user includes customized fields, custom roles SSO, and many more Enterprise-ready features.

7. Teamwork

Project Management Tools

Teamwork is a Kanban-based project management tool that comes with sophisticated reporting capabilities and all in the same user-friendly interface similar to Trello. Its Workload feature assists in managing resources and recognize potential risks prior to the start of projects in order to be more prepared for the completion of projects.

Teamwork has Kanban boards similar to many agile-based tools for managing projects and features such as dependencies and milestones as well as an overview view of the portfolio to show the entire project.

It also provides connections to popular 3rd-party software to track time and invoicing, among other things. It also can be customized with branding, custom domains, and many other features.


The Free Plan of Teamwork works for five Users with basic capabilities.

Delivery and Growth plans priced at $12.50 and $22.50 per month for each user respectively. They also include invoicing team chat, enhanced tables, kanban boards and much more.

The Scale Plan provides additional features but I was unable to locate SSO or any other features for enterprises.

8. MeisterTask

Project Management Tools

MeisterTask is an application for managing projects that lets organizations create and organize tasks, and keep track of the progress of their tasks. The features it offers include: an overview of activities, customized fields backup management and file sharing among teams, as well as much more. It’s just as attractive as the most popular tools such as Trello although the interface for managing revisions can be enhanced.

MeisterTask offers Kanban boards GUI charts and timelines as well as dashboards and much more to help agile teams. It is possible to include checklists and attachments to tasks, define relationships and dependencies and more through its simple-to-use interface.

It also allows automated tasks and regular tasks as do the other tools in this list. It also provides extensive reports and statistics which can boost productivity.


It’s surprising that MeisterTask offers among the most affordable plans that we have listed.

Their Standard Plan can be available for free for up to three projects and only limited integrations.

business and Pro plans priced at $8.25 and $12.49 per user/month for a year-long payment, offer unlimited integrations and projects.

Enterprise Plan offers Single Sign-On (SSO), account manager, etc.

9. Smartsheet

Project Management Tools

Smartsheet is Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-like tool for managing projects that assists teams to manage, plan and coordinate on projects. If you are a fan of Excel and Excel, you’ll feel at home using Smartsheet.

The platform has options for collaboration between teams as well as project management tool, scheduling projects as well as resource allocation and tasks management. You can also design templates to repeat tasks to help you save time.

Smartsheet has useful features such as workflow automation as well as visualizing tasks and more. It is available in gantt and calendar views. You can also design and share templates as well as assign tasks, update status and upload documents. Its integrations with the most popular team and business apps are a boon, allowing you increase productivity, while following the agile method of managing projects.


Smartsheet is not available as any free plans.

The Pro Plan priced at $7 per month for users provides unlimitted dashboards, reports and report templates. calendars and gantt charts, automated rules, and much more.

Business plan that costs $25 per month for each user includes more automations, proofingand personal branding, etc.

Enterprise Plans provides more options than Smartsheet Advance, Single Sign-On (SSO) Domain sharing and Work Insights and more.

10. GoodDay

GoodDay is an effective software for managing projects for small-sized enterprises. It’s a website-based application that allows you efficiently assign tasks, establish deadlines and track the progress. It provides tools for kanban and scrum techniques such as goals and workloads for a simple project management.

GoodDay offers a collaborative and user-friendly interface that allows users for users to organize projects. The best attributes are time tracking as well as invoicing expenses tracking, and integrations with a variety different productivity software such as Excel, Jira, Slack and Trello as do the majority of tools in this list.


GoodDay offers an free plan that comes with all the basic features.

Professional plan at $6/month per user includes high-end analytics, sophisticated integrations the gantt and timeline views and much more. The Enterprise Plan includes additional features, including unlimited storage and members as well as SSO, Single Sign-On (SSO) and more.

This is the top tools for managing projects for small-sized businesses. Although they are all best tools in the market but the most suitable one is dependent on the needs of your business.

For instance I utilize ClickUp to manage the details of my freelancing projects as well as Asana to manage blog posts. Which one do you prefer?


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