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Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Tracking Apps 2022


A tracker for your crypto portfolio can help you keep track of the assets you own in crypto all in one location It will provide you with real-time updates and data to assist you to determine the most suitable timing to buy and sell.


They even go above and beyond the scope of their other functions helping individuals of every level by offering trading bots for cryptocurrency which learn from the movement of the market, and aid in improving the value of your crypto portfolio.

Of course, there’s not an all-in-one solution to this issue, as each person has their own preference and requirements. In this list, we’ve selected the best tools to help you to manage the crypto asset in one location.

Why use a crypto portfolio tracking app?

Crypto Portfolio

One of the primary reasons to utilize a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking system is to be able monitor your assets from one spot. Particularly, if you own multiple accounts on different platforms, the amount of time it takes to keep track of all of them would be a complete waste of time.

And not to mention, extremely inefficient, particularly in the crypto industry in which everything is extremely unstable and is able to change at any time.

In addition to the tools and functions that the crypto portfolio tracking application can provide, it’s important to keep all the information that you’ll need when it’s time to make your tax filing.

In the event of an unexpected strike on the system you’re on, you’ll be able to determine precisely how much you’ve lost or the amount you’ve earned over the weeks, days or even years of holding or trading.

Understanding how much you earned in the course of a single day or when you first started to invest your losses, or even your current position is crucial when you’re operating in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Are crypto portfolio tracking apps safe?

In general, all cryptocurrency exchange platforms safeguard certain actions, including watching, trading, or withdrawal using a PIN key. You may also limit the authority or access crypto portfolios can have over your investments, so it is as secure as you would like for it.

Some aren’t too bothered by this since cryptocurrency portfolio trackers feature multi-layered security options that ensure that nobody else has the ability to use your account without your consent.

If the platform you’re going to use is endorsed by an organisation such as FinCEN and FinCEN, then you are possible to be confident that the security and privacy of their users is the best in the business.

Ten Crypto Portfolio Tracking Apps to test:

Crypto Portfolio

The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially over the past few years and thousands of cryptocurrency have been created. As a result and the emergence of a variety of cryptocurrency exchange platforms were created to diversify the investment portfolios of investors and help combat the market’s fluctuation.

An app that lets you keep track of your entire crypto portfolio price, their prices, and most recent information with the click of your finger is vital in our busy, day-to-day lives. We’ve curated the top crypto portfolio trackers to help your use, and they’re like this:

1. Pionex

Pionex can be described as an online tracker for your crypto portfolio as well as an exchange platform for cryptocurrency which lets you manage and trade your assets. It’s available on mobile devices for Android as well as iOS which allows you to keep track of your assets from the touch of your fingertips without difficulty. The main benefit is 16 free cryptocurrency trading robots.

This will allow you to make your account trade automatically. You’ll need to set up the strategy you have chosen, then set the parameters and let the trading bot software handle the rest. There’s also an comprehensive guideline on how to utilize the functions that were mentioned earlier and you don’t need to be concerned when you’re just starting out.

A key feature is when you use their bots, you can be able to see live changes to your portfolio as well as your earnings and losses are based on bots you are running This is very cool.


  • 16 . Free Crypto trading robots.
  • Super low costs.
  • Available across all platforms.
  • Allows leverage trading.
  • Profile creation is possible, meaning you can copy and interact with the trading preferences of other traders.

Charges: Pionex is a free platform that you are able to use. There are no subscription fees and no hidden fees. The only thing you’ll have to pay is the super-low transaction cost of 0.05 percent. It’s definitely one of the most attractive deals you’ll find in the cryptocurrency market today.

2. Blockfolio/FTX

Blockfolio was established in 2014 which makes it one of the most seasoned cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. It is now being referred to as FTX following its purchased in the year the year 2018. Since then it has grown and has become one of the most popular exchange platforms. It’s also accessible for mobile devices, in addition, it can support more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. The only issue with Blockfolio’s features is the fact that it’s created specifically for mobile devices, and doesn’t work on web or desktop platforms. However, there’s absolutely one of the most effective digital portfolio trackers that are available today.


1. Supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrency.

2. You can trade cryptos in the app without any charges.

3. Only available on mobile devices for the both Android as well as iOS.

Fees Blockfolio you can sell and buy cryptocurrency through the app without any charges. But, a convenience fee of 2.9 percent applies when you use your debit card to make transactions.

3. Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Man aids investors to keep an eye on all assets they have. It allows for automatic journaling and documents of your trade recordreal-time price fluctuations and even log and sync transactions you’ve made from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

It comes with many sophisticated features that an experienced trader would appreciate, but the whole thing could be overwhelming for newcomers. Overall, it’s an excellent platform for managing your portfolio because it provides an overview and the state of your investments all in one spot.


  • Transfer trades between different exchanges.
  • An overview of all your cryptocurrency assets.
  • There is a limited amount of cryptocurrency supported.

Charges: Coin Market Manager provides the free trial period of 14 days following which you can sign up for a subscription that starts at $49.99 per month.

4. Coinstats

CoinStats is also among the largest trackers of portfolios of crypto that is available today. With more than 8000 supported cryptos that you can use, you’ll have access to the variety and diversity you’ll require for any new projects that could increase in value. Additionally, it offers more than 300 exchanges that keep the records of each transaction you’ve done.


  • Supports more than 8,000 crypto currencies.
  • Available across all platforms.
  • Discounts are available for the premium version of the application.
  • Features are limited for the free version.

Costs: CoinStats offers free services, however for only a few capabilities only. If you’re looking to gain access to the most advanced tools and features for managing the portfolio of your investments, then you’ll have to shell out $3.49 monthly for the Pro version, and $13.99 monthly for Premium.

5. Altpocket

Altpocket will bring you close to investors. It lets you make a profile of your crypto portfolio and interact directly with traders through their platform.

Altpocket is a community, where both investors and traders can exchange views as well as the most current information. You’ll have the ability to follow receive feeds on social media from those whom you follow, just like the way Facebook and Instagram operate. Additionally, you can follow the actions of traders who are successful through their platform.

With Altpocket, you are able to transfer transaction data from other cryptocurrency exchanges and keep track of the price for each cryptocurrency.


  • Meet other traders to have a the exchange of infos.
  • Tracks your exchange transactions from major exchanges.
  • Available across all platforms.
  • There is a limited amount of cryptocurrency supported.

Fees Altpocket is no-cost. However their features are not as impressive as those of the other apps.

6. Delta

Delta can be described as a tracker for crypto portfolios that was introduced in 2017. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for traders and investors to track their cryptocurrency assets without making it difficult, which is beneficial for novices.

Users aren’t able to trade directly through the Delta application. However it works with all major cryptocurrency exchanges and tracks every transaction you’ve made and shows the current price and transaction fees for every coin, providing you with an easy-to-read view of your account.


  • Available across all platforms.
  • Supports more than 3,000 cryptocurrency.
  • Easy to use and simple.

Fees Users can utilize Delta for no cost however, they also offer paid versions for up to $60 or $80 annually to access additional tools and advantages.

7. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is more than a tracker of crypto portfolios It also offers price comparisons between different cryptocurrency exchanges as well as live market analysis with the most recent news that could impact each cryptocurrency.

The app allows users to monitor and follow any coins you don’t own as well as provide live information, news and graphs of over 5,700 cryptocurrency.


  • Available across all platforms.
  • Supports more than 5,700 crypto currencies.

Charges: The application can be downloaded completely freeto download on all platforms.

8. Kubera

Kubera is a portfolio tracker tool for any assets that are in use, which includes cryptos. Also, If you’re someone who has multiple items like real estate, stocks vehicles, precious metals, cars or cryptos, as well as NFTs and NFTs, then Kubera is the best option for you.

Kubera is a single-stop platform for every asset you own. But, Kubera isn’t equipped with features which other competitors offer, like an accounting tool or a deep analysis of your portfolio.


  • Only available on the internet.
  • You don’t have a detailed analysis of your portfolio.
  • No ads.

Charges: Kubera offers a 14-day trial for free and then a monthly subscription cost in the amount of 15 dollars each month, (or 150 dollars per year is required to continue their service.

9. Altrady

Altrady is a complete service to investors that lets them keep on top of, manage, and trade their portfolios using one platform. It offers advanced capabilities, in-depth analyses of your portfolio, and other useful functions, but it can be intimidating for novices. However, they do provide demo accounts that are free as well as instructional resources for novices..


  • Available across all platforms.
  • Free demo.
  • In-depth analysis is provided for your portfolio.
  • A user-friendly interface that can be customized.

Costs: Altrady offers a free trial. You’ll need to then subscribe to the basic package which costs $19.92 per month which is billed annually. $35.88 monthly for premium plans, which are billed annually.

10. Lunch Money

Lunch Money is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and budget manager to help you track your spending. It lets you sync your debit/credit card and savings account as well as loans, investments and many other transactions to one platform. It helps you manage your budget and your portfolio all at once.


  • Only available online.
  • Offers different budgeting options.
  • Keeps an eye on all your assets.

Fees The company offers the opportunity to try a limited-time trial at no cost and a monthly subscription fee that is just $10 monthly for a year or the equivalent of $100 for a year.

How do I choose the most suitable Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker?

With a myriad of crypto portfolio trackers on the market in the market today, it’s difficult to know which one is the best is since everyone claims”the best” or “the best.” So it’s your responsibility to determine that Here are the most crucial elements to take into consideration when selecting the best platform in not in any specific order.

The most important aspects to consider when selecting:

  1. SecurityOur aim is to increase your earnings and not lose it. Therefore, choosing a secured and trusted application is vital if you want to protect your assets.
  2. FeesDo you prefer to pay for a service to manage your portfolio even though there’s a platform that provides its services for no cost? Certain portfolio trackers for crypto that we’ve mentioned earlier require an annual or monthly one-time or periodic fee for subscription. However, certain are completely free to use however, they are providing superior tools and services that charge little to no charges.
  3. Tools and utilitiesAll platforms have similarities, however certain ones are more superior than other platforms and provide greater utility than other ones. The level of difficulty will differ for each user. For beginners, platforms should have user-friendly interfaces. On the other hand, veteran users prefer platforms that have deep, detailed analysis to be able to be able to.


As if the cryptocurrency market isn’t already wild enough, maintaining a close watch on all of your crypto wallets as well as crypto exchanges can be a real headache. The amount of analysis, research and platforms you’ll need to look through can be a long and tedious procedure.

Therefore, should you be determined to make real money and would like to diversify your assets have and diversify your portfolio, then the use of a program to monitor the profits you’ve made as well as the losses you’ve suffered at the touch of an button is essential.

Being able to track and keep up-to-date on the most recent news that could spark an upcoming bull market allows you to take swift decision.

The market is moving fast and you’re certainly among many trying to make money from it. But, you’ll want every advantage you can find with a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is an easy choice.


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